She Literally Kept Up with the Kardashians

Between assisting Kourtney and working with Kanye, Riley Davis is doing her best job of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” In the past two years, Davis interned at Jenner Communications working with the Kardashian family, interned at West Brands working with Kanye West and was Kourtney Kardashian’s personal assistant. To top off her resume, she also graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising while doing all of this. Davis took advantage of a short break in her busy schedule to share the details of her crazy fashion experiences.

You actually worked with Kourtney Kardashian and Kanye West?

People usually freak out when they find out, and I get a variety of questions. Have you met Scott? Have you met North? Everyone wants to know about Kim, though. People always ask the craziest questions about her.

Questions about what?

Size of her butt.

How did this all start?

A lot of people in the fashion industry do paid internships after they graduate until they are able to find a steady job. My friend was already working at Jenner Communications, so she talked me into applying. Everything runs through Jenner Com., so when I became an intern there, I did anything that the family needed.  

How did interning transform into personally assisting a Kardashian?

One of my best friends was Kylie Jenner’s personal assistant, and she talked my roommate into interning, who ended up talking me into interning. Eventually, Kourtney’s personal assistant was leaving, so my roommate talked me into applying for the position.

What was it like working for a Kardashian?

You don’t get bored, that’s for sure. Everyday was drastically different, because one day would be a fitting, and the next day would be flying to fashion week in New York, and the next would be prepping for the Ellen show.

What did you do for Kourtney?

For Kourt, it was more personal things, like running to the city for errands and going Christmas shopping with her and even watching her kids.

So, was it really a good job from a fashion standpoint or just running errands?

Even though I was doing personal stuff for Kourt, I was assisting her while she would go in for fittings, and I would be right behind the cameras while she would do photo shoots. I got to be behind the scenes in several spots of the fashion industry.

Were you ever nervous working so close to the Kardashians?

To me it was like a job, and I performed it as such. It became second nature to me, and I didn’t see it as working for the Kardashians. I took it as Kourtney is boss and I’m going to do it the best I can.

Did it ever feel like more than a job?

When I went Christmas shopping with Kourt and we were walking out of Toys-R-Us, and the paparazzi surrounded us. Later on that night, all of my friends were sending me screenshots of me in these paparazzi photos, and that is when it hit me.

So you assisted a Kardashian for a year and just decided to work for Kanye West next?

When I was Koutney’s personal assistant, my best friend was Kim’s personal assistant. When we were both walking for graduation, we were actually talking about what’s next. I grew up loving sports, so I wanted to incorporate sports and fashion together. I was thinking Nike or Under Armor, but she suggested working at Yeezy. A few phone calls later and I was brought in for an interview and got the position.

Just like that?

I guess so -I mean at one point, my best friend was Kim’s personal assistant and my roommate was Kylie’s assistant. At that same time, I was Kourt’s assistant so we were all working with the Kardashians.

What did you do at Yeezy (West Brands)?

I would categorize shoots and get them ready for editorials. Basically, I would take phone calls from places like Vogue and ship them whichever season was coming up next. I would assist the head designers, whether it was inspiration boards or getting shows together.

What was it like working for Kanye?

He was a really cool boss, and he was really hard-working. What I loved about working there was when I had an idea that they thought was dope, they would take it and run with it. Everyone would throw ideas around and it created a really cool vibe.

You didn’t just work right?

I got to do some really crazy things. Flying down to Cuba with them while they shot “Keeping Up” was cool. I went to birthday parties that were filled with celebrities. I went to Kim and Kanye’s nanny’s wedding too.

So now you work at Dash, owned by the Kardashians?

I haven’t left the family yet.

What was the best part of all that?

I gained a relationship with Kourtney and her kids that I wouldn’t change for the world. For her, the kids always come first, and that’s really cool to me.

Riley Davis, photo by Alison Garey

Author: Tyler Johnson

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