Power to the Players

Every year, thousands of geeks dressed as their favorite comic book, TV or movie characters pack into the Denver Convention Center in the sweltering heat of June, eagerly waiting to get autographs, swap stories and take photos.


Photo by Matthew Rowles

For most of attendees, comic-con is a celebration of comics popular culture. For dedicated fans, it is often about seeing a favorite celebrity and being first to hear news of a major new movie or series.

Tacticon 29 has partnered with Rocky Mountain Con 5, which spotlight local talent and raise awareness for local charities. This year’s event held on Sept. 28 – Oct. 1 at the Crowne Plaza Denver International Airport Hotel. This hybrid convention combines both aspects of geek and nerd culture under one roof. Its focus is on tabletop, board, collectable card games, miniatures and PC gaming, making this convention a true “player’s convention.”

It is an experience largely rooted in participation through play. You are as likely to meet the authors and designers of your favorite games at the table, dice in hand, just as you are a famous actor at the end of an autograph line at the various vendor booths and tables.

The convention will feature Twitch streaming tournaments, a charity auction, live “dungeon crawls” and celebrity guests, drawn largely from the local comic book and game development communities.
“Savage Worlds” is a generic table top roleplaying game featuring numerous published settings, across many genres including pulp-style, traditional fantasy and science fiction. The event will also host the largest gathering of “Savage Worlds” players in North America. A local player group, the Rocky Mountain Savages, will run over 100 game sessions across the four-day event. Like all great games, its rules are simple to learn, but have enough depth to challenge all players, regardless of their level of experience.

Other roleplaying games like “Dungeons and Dragons,” “Star Trek Adventures” and “Dungeon Crawl Classics” have also scheduled games throughout the weekend. Board games like “Planetarium”, “Mega Civilization” and “Cthulhu Wars” promise to draw their own groups of enthusiastic players, seeking tactical play with miniatures and tokens on large tabletop battlefields.

Photo by Matthew Rowles


Attendees looking for a break from the tables can participate in a live dungeon crawl. The event is laid out over one or more rooms, designed to represent various challenges. The live dungeon crawl combines many elements of a haunted house attraction with the more cerebral challenges of a modern escape room.

RMC brings a smaller and more locally focused version of the traditional comic con experience to area fans, while Tacticon continues its tradition of providing a space for gamers looking to meet new and old friends, enjoy their favorite games or try new ones.

If you find yourself near the battlefield in late September, surrounded by miniature armies, bags of dice and stacks of rulebooks do not despair. Instead, grab a chair and introduce yourself to a new group of allies or rivals. You never know what you might become — until you play.

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