The People’s Zoo II

Baxter played Dr. Cox’s game for the longest time. He watched as people were enslaved, or imprisoned for not abiding by the rules of the zoo, awaiting the absolute worst. Baxter knew that the Dr. was holding Camille there for a reason. If Baxter did not do whatever the man said, she would be put on a future menu, and eventually be devoured by these freaks of modern biological monstrosity.

Baxter worked for years on setting up an escape plan for the two of them. Where would two exotic, highly intelligent freaks of nature go? Hell, anywhere but here…

Their escape would have gone off without a hitch, if he had taken into consideration that he weighed over 400 pounds. The fence gave-way, the alarm screeched, and a number of animals were there in minutes. He’s been locked up in the cell ever since.

“Dr. Cox, I’m ready to work out an agreement. I need to be with – with Camille,” Baxter said through the intercom.

“Ah, I knew you were no fool. Regardless, I know your tendencies. We must keep your dear wife locked up, just for security purposes. Of course we will let you visit her, but we do not want to see the same incident happen again,” Dr. Cox said back.

Baxter visited her for weeks, whenever he could. They devised a way of communicating in which the guards could not quite hear what they were saying. They could tell by the way the sheepish looking wolves would huddle closer to the air vents.

“My love, we must get out of here quickly,” Camille growled into his ear.

“I’ve been trying, there’s not much I can do,” he responded.

“It’s just that, they’re running low on their meat supply. I’m afraid I might be coming up on the food chain list,” she said.

“What in the world would make you think that?” he asked.

“I heard them talking. They wish to wrap up all loose ends,” Camille nods to the cell beside her. “That used to be my friend. She was last night’s dinner. I overheard them talking. They’re going to use you for whatever they need you for, and then…” Camille’s head sunk to the ground.

They had made a plan to escape that night. They would, simply, keep running. Any fate must be better than—


The night was surprisingly still. Every move they made seemed to go off without a hitch. It was almost, as if, the others were letting them go. They had made it to the far side of the zoo, just before the shoreline – when a number of lights went up. Torches, surrounded them, along with any type of exotic animal you can think of.

“You really thought you could get away with this?” Dr. Cox laughed. “We tried to keep your intelligence intact, but I guess that part of the procedure did not give.”

Baxter looked around at all of the hungry eyes, staring at him. He watched as they slowly inched their way into the two of them. Baxter squinted his eyes, and crawled on-top of a nearby rock.

“Brothers and sisters, look around. Look at what we have become. Are we reduced to eating those of us who do not please, ‘The Master’? Have we not left all signs of civilization and humanity behind? We are facing one man, one creature who has taken our lives, told us how to live, and captured us for the remainder of our lives. We are subject to living the rest of our lives behind this wall. Is this not our place, our world, our lives? Let’s finally take back what is ours. Let’s take back, the very things that have been taken from us, our lives!”

The animals stood still. One by one they turned their attention to Dr. Cox.

“Are you going to listen to this animal? I made you, and I can destroy you!” he screamed to the crowd.

No words could possibly describe the sound that came from the compound that night. The Dr.’s reign of terror was over.

The creatures were confined to the bodies that they had been planted into. They learned to live with that, and settled upon a secluded, but civilized society.

Baxter and Camille took it upon themselves to let the people know about what has taken place on this compound. Sadly enough, stories were told about a cougar and an African Gorilla barging into a local news station. Some people even insisted they could talk. Baxter and Camille were never seen, or heard from again.

Author: Nicholas Thomas

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