The Old Broad Speaks

On Wisdom and Maturity

If you’re between 18 and 25, consider this list. Acting on any of it, and how you act, is up to you but at least read through, and keep it, in mind. There’s nothing scientific about the list. It’s just my opinion but, from what I’ve noticed, the most mature, wisest, and stabile individuals make, or made, these choices.

Friends.  They shouldn’t all look, think, dress, work, act, eat, and live like you. They should be various in age, background, color, jobs, religions, etc. Visit with them often.

Move. Leave your support system behind. Move far enough away that it’s a 12 hour drive or an expensive plane ticket to see the people closest to you. You’ll gain self-reliance.

Social media. It’s not always about you. If you use at least two social media sites, pick one and only share information on clothing designers, favorite music, new restaurants, video games. The list is endless but what it should not have are selfies. Not even one.

Art. Find one form that you like and do that. You don’t have to be good at it, you just have to enjoy it. Make time for it once a week.

Read. Whether it’s an electronic book or a dusty old novel, pick one up. Even audio books are good. Read one book a month. Don’t say you don’t like to read. There are different genres and thousands of titles in each.

Save money. It doesn’t have to be a fortune and it’s easy. You could save all of your pocket change in dozens of jars; or save $5 bills in wads wrapped with rubber bands. Maybe, for every $100 you spend, you deposit $10 in a savings account. Then don’t touch that money until the bottom drops out of your world and you need it.

Exercise. You don’t have forever to lose that freshman 15. You have today only. Diets don’t have to be bleak and exercise need not be miserable but dying of health issues you could have avoided is the last thing you want to do.

And last of all, Self-Integrity. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t ever lie (you shouldn’t), I mean don’t ever lie to yourself. Set some standards. Determine your own moral guideline. Decide what your personal ethics will be and stick to them. Have a code and live by it.


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