Nurse Wendy Part II

A Darkness Within


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Jeremy and Nurse Wendy had come to an agreement. She would let him stay at her house long enough to regain his energy before he set out again. He told himself that he did not intend to leave any time soon.

The first night he was there, he was sitting in the living room, watching the television as she was unwinding from a night at work.

She walked out in her thin nightgown.

“I haven’t really considered sleeping arrangements, but if you would like, you can join me,” she whispered.

That was all that Jeremy needed to hear.

As they were making love in her bed, Jeremy started to feel a little uncomfortable. He felt like she really wanted him. Perhaps not in the way he had originally hoped. She glared down into his eyes. It wasn’t passion. No, not like he’d seen it. A vision of his childhood cat caught his memory. The cat would hold down a bird – stare – just before sinking its teeth in. Jeremy grew tense.

She leaned down to kiss him. Again, it didn’t seem right. It almost seemed like she was actually tasting him. As the thought crossed his mind he attempted to push her off, but she pinned him down with her strong arms, smiling.

After their barbaric exchange of affection she looked down at him solemnly. He didn’t like what was coming.

The phone blasted from the next room as she glared at it sickly.

“I’ll be right back my love” she snarled at him.

He listened carefully.

“Hello? What do you want, I… Really? Another one? I’ll be right there!” she seemed to perk up.

She stomped to the kitchen as she grabbed something out of the refrigerator.

“I’ll be back soon” she said, as she forced some juice down his throat. “We’ll do this again, but I have something I need to take care of”.

Jeremy lied back. He felt dizzy– sick. His head hit the pillow.


He woke up in a state of panic. He looked around and did not see her anywhere in sight. On the table he saw two plates, one with the usual sandwich, one with a steak, and a tall glass of tea. He decided it was time to go!

Needing all the energy he could get – he took a giant bite of the steak. It didn’t taste right (almost like in the diner). When he breathed out he swore he could taste almonds. Jeremy spit out the steak and ran for his life.

He saw a pair of headlights speeding toward him as he, once again, lost his energy and was drawn toward the ground.


Jeremy awoke in the backseat of a station wagon. He could barely lift his head. The driver must have heard his rustling around. He heard a familiar voice.

“They target drifters, like you. I couldn’t tell anyone. I saw you on her lawn and had to help. I couldn’t let it happen again. Not while I could help.” He could see the ditzy young waitress in the front seat peering back at him.

“They poison you from the start – slowly. They feed people to other victims. This puts more poison into their bodies. I don’t know exactly how it works. Another drifter ended up in the hospital tonight. That’s the only reason you got away. I hope you didn’t eat or drink too much. I hope they can…”

Jeremy opened his eyes, yet another, hospital room. Now he was in the city of Toledo. His liver, kidneys, and other vital organs were practically demolished. He made it though. Doctors told him that Nurse Wendy, and the old man at the diner could not be found anywhere. Jeremy was glad he survived. He knew that they would want to finish what they had started.


Sometimes people manage to escape their fate – and crawl toward the light.

Although sooner or later darkness finds us…

Nicholas Thomas

Nicholas Thomas

Nicholas Thomas is a Senior at MSU who is Majoring in Psychology and Minoring in Writing. This blog will cover a variety of themes that deal with terror and the macabre. From a variety of short stories, and history about horror to critiques of modern day horror genre.  Come with Mr. Thomas, as he explores the world of dread.

Author: Nicholas Thomas

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  1. Jeanne Lorraine Miller  June 28, 2016 at 9:03 pm

    Nasty Wendy! ..What would we do without the Laurels in our lives ( : Bravo, Nic! Keep crawling toward the light! xo

  2. Jason Broth  April 7, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    Wow, I wonder what people tastes like


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