Metrosphere Radio – Pigeonholed by Kristin Macintyre

Author: Kristin Macintyre

Reader: Joella Baumann

Audio Producer: Erik Kemp 



This is the Omega, kid. This is the day

that will be your Zero, your void, the gaping hole

that will suck the tenderness from your pink petals.

Daddies are weak, even though they have two sturdy legs

to support their well-mannered sins. Daddies need to chase

their sore ambitions around barrels of whiskey

and hold their grey heads in their knotty hands and cry.

I’m leaving, but I will never look at a row of tidy

candy bars in a dusty dime store without thinking of you.

You are the only flower in this town, kid.


My Daddy gave me a half-smile, a loose pat on the back,

and left me standing in the teeming city rain.

He walked off holding his inky newspaper over his head,

blurred by a flock of black umbrellas and cooing pigeons.


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