Metrosphere Radio – Old Shirt by Samantha Miller

Author: Samantha Miller

Reader: Erik Kemp

Audio Producer: Erik Kemp 

Old Shirt

I know that you feel comfortable in this old shirt.

It used to be your favorite,

it used to be new,

it used to make you blush.


The mirror tells you that you look good in it,

Even though its been stretched since the last time you wore it,

making it too big for you, depleting you.

How many stretched this shirt out?


You know this, but you try it on anyway.

It might feel familiar but,

it will never feel the way you think it should.

Remember why you put it away the first time.


Stop letting the shirt feel your skin.

It will leave it itchy and raw.

This shirt will soak up every stain,

and the more you wear it the dirtier you will feel.


This shirt will never understand your favorite books,

It will ask the wrong questions,

laugh at you and when you cry,

and that won’t ever change.


You already made a mistake.

You already put it on,

and it doesn’t want to let go.

So take it off before it is too late.


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