Letter from the editor: A Life Without Hate

A letter from Metrospere’s Metro editor

This section showcases who and what is happening in Denver. Metro is also a section built on informing people and opening discussions.

This will be a place to find the story behind the story. Whether it be a student who suffers from an illness, or how rising political issues relate to our campus. This will be the one stop for information on important issues.

This is my first issue as Metro editor and it has been a tough yet rewarding experience. This is something I’ve been working toward for the last six years, since my freshman year of high school.

I want to start a conversation about political correctness. It’s time to reform how social justice warriors treat those who don’t agree with them. SJWs can be characterized as someone who promotes views and beliefs that are viewed as progressive and often leftist. Today the term is also used in a derogatory manner, one which cannot be fully discredited.   

I want to make clear that as a straight, white male, I experience very little, if any, discrimination and prejudice in my life. In no way do I experience what women, racial minorities or members of the LGBTQ community experience.

That said, there’s a growing feeling among those deemed oppressors – straight, white males – that SJWs are becoming invasive and act in a mob mentality. The issue stems online where SJWs tells others to “check their privilege” when having an argument.

Too often I see SJWs shut people down when they make an offensive joke or a potentially xenophobic remark.

I understand the reasons why SJWs vehemently support the causes they do and I believe in a number of them myself, but the process of name calling, threats and total disrespect for microaggressions is erroneous. If you want to convince people to think your way, you don’t treat them as subhumans. It’s okay to be offended or angry. What’s not okay is verbally assaulting people because you feel they dehumanized you.

It’s as simple as this: You don’t fight hate with hate, you fight hate with love.

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