Lake Clarity Throwback Part 8

This is it! The final installment of the throwback series! You can go back and read parts 123, 456, and 7!

  • This episode was originally supposed to follow Joan, and have an action feel, as she and two other Rangers explored the bunker, and encountered the monster.
  • There’s a real bear problem up at Lake Clarity.
  • The “Search and Rescue” story that Ranger Hank references is from The No Sleep Podcast (season 6). It’s one of my favorites!
  • Ranger Hank was originally suppose to just have a few lines before dying. But after re-structuring the episode to follow Seth instead of the Rangers, we decided to play up Hank’s role.
  • This episode was written about a week before recording.
  • There was a whole flooded section of the bunker we talked about exploring in the beginning of the season. It would have provided quite a different soundscape, and monster, had we pursued it!
  • Mr. Sanchez lives on

That’s all! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check out our Kickstarter!

<3 Pacific

Author: Pacific Obadiah

Pacific is a horror buff, despite how easily spooky movies scare him. He transfers this love and fear into his fictional creations. Currently, he is working on writing and producing Lake Clarity, an audio drama podcast about the mysterious secrets hidden beneath a lake.

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