Lake Clarity Throwback Part 7

We near the end with part 7! Here are parts 123, 45 and 6!

Now, some more fun facts!

  • Ranger Joan was originally going to be a male character, but we liked Kristen’s audition so much, we changed it!
  • We recorded this episode two times, once straight through, and once with the narration, then the scenes on the tapes.
  • When Joan pauses the tape, and Seth speaks over her line, this was actually a flub. But, we decided to keep it.
  • Fun fact, Seth doesn’t see Ally soon, or at all!
  • The monster, as Seth describes it was inspired by the Native American story of Two Face (Double Face)
  • Ranger Joans motherly tone was Kristen’s own idea! We just asked her to approach Seth with different tactics, and this was one of her many ways to get him to open up.
  • Originally we were going to follow Joan as she heads up to Lake Clarity, and episode 8 was going to be all about the Rangers. But we didn’t feel right leaving Seth behind.
  • This episode has the most sound effects, that you (probably) can’t hear. I spent a good chunk of a day finding background noises, and ambiances to help give the feel of an “interrogation room.”

Tune in tomorrow for the final installment of the throwback series, with Episode 8: At the End of Everything.

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