Lake Clarity Throwback Part 6

Hello again! I’m back with part 6! If you missed ’em, you can check out parts 123, 4, and 5!

Today, we’re back to the adventures of Seth, Ally, Mike, Erin, and Brandon!


  • This episode has the most revisions. Larissa and I spent a lot of time tweaking and changing the encounter with the monster, and Mike’s death.. This scene alone had over 20 sound effects!
  • The flare that Ally finds in a previous episode was originally going to be placed in an abandoned forest ranger tower.
  • The sound of the monster moving was originally that of a dog’s nail scratching against wood but was later changed to socked feet walking. this
  • While it wasn’t part of what aired, Larissa and I wrote a pretty detailed account of what happens to Mike and Brandon after the perspective switches to Ally and Seth.
  • The trunk noises were the same ones used in Episode 5.
  • The paths of the two monsters, Mike, and Seth were greatly debated on. We actually had to go back and rewrite earlier episodes to change the padded room to have only one door, instead of two!
  • In the first drafts of the season, this is around where Seth get’s covered in the blood of his friends and then knocked out- only to be found by the rangers. But Seth’s friends didn’t die in the bunker in this version, instead, they were hunted and killed in the woods.
  • The Rex Rivetter shout out at the end of the episode took about half an hour to record because there was one word I couldn’t get right!

We’re almost at the end! We’ll be back tomorrow with Episode 7:  Full Circle!

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