Lake Clarity Throwback Part 5

Part 5 is here, with parts 123, and 4 behind us. This week we’re delving into our spin-off episode!

  • While it was always a part of our planned season, this episode was actually written for a class of mine.
  • While we had the idea for this episode pretty early on, writing it was a whole other story. I couldn’t quite get it articulated until I took a long walk at 1 am and came up with some inspiration.
  • Almost the entire first draft of this episode was written on my iPhone’s note app. Almost all of what I write was then scrapped, and rewritten three times.
  • Toby Sterling (Don Parker) was the only actor who recorded alone
  • Dreamsicle.
  • Because this episode didn’t require the full cast, we decided to record it on a free day in which we were all free.
  • We enjoyed the midseason shift in format, and it’s inspired us to do another spin-off episode for the second season!
  • The camp has no caretaker.
  • The second draft of this episode had Don recording everything in a journal. This was scrapped and replaced with the current interview-esque style
  • Larissa claimed my fourth draft wasn’t pompous enough, so she went through and reconstructed most of Don’s monologue, playing up his character, and speech patterns.
  • The bottle opening noise is the exact same one from episode one
  • This story was partly inspired by Stephen King’s short story 1408.
  • I detest the sound of deer.
  • The “Welcome Don” line was ten tracks of the same 4 people saying the line. Two of the people were Larissa and I! And a few of Toby’s takes.
  • The barge was inspired by an old horror movie I saw, with a lake, a barge, and acid goo. Can’t remember the film for the life of me…
  • Not episode specific, but the first map of the Lake Clarity area that we drew included an additional four landmarks that we decided to cut, including a ranger watch tower, radio antenna, and a second cabin.

That’s all for today, you can tune in tomorrow for our Episode 6: Down Below fun facts and reflection!

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