Lake Clarity Throwback Part 4

And we’re back with part four of our throwback series! In case you missed ’em, here are parts 1, 2, and 3!

Now, the gang has split up, and we get to follow Erin, Brandon, and Mike. Here are some fun facts about production!

  • In the first cut of this episode, Brandon’s mic was going to have a lower quality than Seth’s mic. But the white noise and scratches became too distracting
  • In our scripts, we refer to the monsters as simply subject one and subject two, but their actual designations are currently unknown! Ooooh!
  • The scene in which the gang explores the cells was our jab at the genre, the audience and characters both know that it’s dangerous, yet they continue in anyway.
  • Our goal was to keep the description of the monster intentionally vague. We strongly believe that the monsters you can’t fully see, are the scariest. It’s a trick we learned from listening to The Deep Vault! One of our favorite shows!
  • The soundscape of the bunker is by far my favorite. The old doors, tiles, filing cabinets, and clunky computers are all pretty unique!
  • I don’t remember writing most of this episode
  • An earlier version of the monster in this episode had sonic abilities. It would scream causing temporary electronic distortion and disabling the characters. While a sonic screech would have been cool, I much prefer the current version of the monster.
  • I can’t remember if it was my idea, or Larissa’s, but one of us decided to be cruel enough to have not only a week long hiatus but to come back with a spin-off episode. Sorry guys!
  • Not episode specific, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet- Its Teeth donated his entire discography for our show. I selected a few of my favorite songs, like Watching the Comets Fall and Vision Circles, but in the end, No Apostrophe just felt right.
  • Extra fun fact, No Apostrophe was created when I was around 10 years old. (I turn 20 at the end of July)


That’s all for this episode! Tune in tomorrow for our look back on Episode 5: No Clarity, Only Shadows.

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