Lake Clarity Throwback Part 3

Episode 3

Back for the third day! This week we go deeper down the rabbit hole with Episode 3: Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole. If you missed our first two installments, you can catch up with Part 1, and Part 2.

As before, I wrote these fun facts as I listened, so they’re mostly linear.

  • Larissa and I drew many maps until we finally decided on a layout of the bunker that made sense!
  • The bunker has three layers, the kids only explore 2.
  • When Mike get stuck with Brandon and Erin, we hear Brandon’s laugh. That laugh was actually from between takes, someone cracked a joke and I thought it added a nice touch to the scene.
  • Some sounds, like Floppy disks (or large pieces of hard plastic) being thrown are very hard to find. That single sound effect took two hours to find.
  • The first drawer that Ally and Seth open is the same drawer that Ranger Hank finds a photo of Ranger Joan in.
  • Hm… How odd that Joseph’s clip is missing…
  • When Ally and Seth go back to look for the other half of the group, Brandon, Erin, and Mike are just about to encounter the lanky monster.
  • The first draft of this episode had Seth getting knocked out by something, causing him and Ally to lose a lot of time before they went back to meet up with the other half of the group. This problem was resolved after we redesigned the layout of the bunker, and calculated the time it took for each group to explore their relative areas.
  • We were worried about all the short cuts we made in this episode, so we originally had a full scene of Ally and Seth walking through the long tunnel from the bunker to the basement of the cabin. But the scene fell flat, and only revealed a few basic details.
  • The scene in which Ally and Seth first hear the “bear” come into the cabin was used as one of the audition scenes. We felt the tension, and change from whispers to shouting were a good way to showcase an actor’s strengths.
  • There were more shoes scuffing sound effects in this episode, than in any other.
  • Every outro for every episode was recorded in my closet.

That’s all for this episode! Tune in tomorrow for our look back on Episode 4: A Split Path

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