Lake Clarity Throwback Part 2

Episode Two

Hey all! Pacific here with more fun facts about episode two! If you haven’t already, you can read our reflection of episode one here! And you can find a calendar below with more events to celebrate our Kickstarter campaign! You can read Part 1 here!

Just like yesterday, I’m writing as I listen, so the fun facts will be in a linear(ish) style.

  • Dead baby jokes. Truly the way to signify real friendship.
  • Food bars. Also, never include loud lip smacking/drinking/eating in your shows. You’ll never hear the end of it. We learned that from Jon Grilz (Small Town Horror)
  • This episode use to have a lot of dark humor in it, including some terrible abandoned jokes. I’m glad we omitted them.
  • This episode is where I first really started playing with left and right channels, trying to convey distance and position of each character. A very tedious, but worthwhile project.
  • Don Parker first visited the lake many years ago, but his story remained unpublished for a long time. This episode is where Joan first learns that Don has published his adventure at the lake- meaning more work for her.
  • Bears, bears, bears. Larissa and I got worried that we wrote the word “bear” too many times in the span of 3 minutes. Turns out our fears came true.
  • The dying beep of the microphone was made by reversing, and lowering the pitch of our UI beep!
  • “Gosh darn.”
  • A lot of the arguments, and inside jokes were written based off of real conversations with the cast, and friends of mine.
  • Despite following the script very closely, the cast had a great chemistry with one another! This chemistry was the leading reason for casting most everyone!
  • For the scene in which everyone is pulling the lever, we actually had them completely improvise and see what happened. We gave them some lead-ins, but everything else was their own.
  • Brandon’s fear of the dark wasn’t originally planned, we added it to help flesh out his character more, and show that even his most irrational fear wouldn’t stop him from saving his friends.
  • In the first draft, the kids got split up trying to turn on the generator. In that version, they explored most of the bunker in the dark- which didn’t work with Brandon’s new fear.


That’s all for this episode! Tune in tomorrow for our look back on Episode 3: Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

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<3 Pacific

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