Lake Clarity Throwback Part 1!

Alright, throwback series begins now!

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Now,  I’m listening as I write, so I recommend you listen while you read!

Fun facts!

  • Our intro is just Larissa whispering Lake Clarity over an Its Teeth track. We came up with that idea about a day before launch.
  • The beep was a whole other story. For a long time, it was the sound of a walkie talking turning on, but it didn’t have the polished UI sound we wanted. We eventually stumbled upon this sound effect when I purchased a sound pack for our troll monster, it just so happen to include five beeps, and we quickly fell in love with this one!
  • The Lovecraft quote was included to help inspire a sense of adventure into the unknown. We wanted this first season to be about the exploration of this new world.
  • Ally, the meme. Inspired by her actress, Maddie Moore, the meme queen.
  • Finding Brandon’s fart sound effect was the best job I’ve ever had! There were a lot of farts out there, but this one spoke to us!
  • Originally this episode included a dream sequence for Seth. He wandered off in the middle of the day and told the listeners about a leather-faced man with bugs crawling out of his mouth. Inspired by a real dream of mine! This sequence was supposed to help foreshadow the cabin that Seth and Ally get trapped in.
  • Camp Clarity isn’t very well documented, and in the first draft of the script, the kids were the first people to visit the camp in years. We later changed this to fit the narrative of many people visiting, and going missing at Lake Clarity.
  • Water splashing/swimming noises are surprisingly hard to find.
  • Brandon’s existential line was inspired by Bojack Horseman
  • Erin is an engineering major, so she should be good a calc. She is not. No one is good at calc.
  • Dessert-ed. Ha.
  • During our first draft, Seth was related to Joseph, the boy that goes missing at Camp Clarity. This was supposed to link Seth’s dreams to the lake.
  • “Granola bars, flares and a sense of adventure?” Brandon was originally written as a stereotypical stoner character. We decided to play up his good nature and goofiness after casting James Brunt.
  • Wooden boards breaking, another sound that’s impossible to find.
  • The original script has Seth reporting on almost all the events that happened. From breaking the mine shaft open to going down the spiral tunnel, and seeing the metal door. This was quickly changed to highlight the other characters and showcase some of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The knocking on the metal door was created after I went around the office and tapped on any metal surface I could find, desks, drawers, doors. Finally settled on the underside of a table, and overlaid an echo effect on the monster’s knocks.
  • Seth’s interviews with Ranger Joan originally occurred a lot more, as the original plot revolved around the Ranger thinking that Seth killed his friends.

That’s all for this episode! Tune in tomorrow for our look back on Episode 2: Hike on Overlook Trail

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