A Darkness Within – The End (Into the darkness)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction intended to fright.

This is it. These are my final words. I do have to say, it’s been a good run. So many people see me as a monster. I supposed that simply depends on how you choose to look at it. I simply promised people a world without pain, without disappointment, and without fear. I helped introduce people to the dark. Was I really doing anything extravagant? We all must face the dark. The sooner we accept that, the sooner we can truly begin to live.

I’ve saved a lot of people over the years. The one thing that truly kills me is that I cannot save the world, although I’ll sure-as-hell try! I’ve learned some tricks and made some friends along the way. I simply wish for my legacy to last as long as possible. I’ve never feared death, but rather, the act of being forgotten.

I sit here, finishing my final meal of steak, corn bread, Chow Chow, and chips. I wish I could sit and visit longer, but I suppose that there’s somewhere I need to be. There are people waiting for me. This is, A Darkness Within, Signing off. P.S. Live life to its fullest, you never know when the end is upon you…

Herman Muntz, 35, was executed by lethal injection on May 12, 2017. The last words he had spoken were, “I will see you all soon.” He was arrested 2 years earlier and charged for the murders of over 30 women. Onlookers described Muntz as a tall, nerdy looking individual, with thick glasses and short curly hair. Police reported that he went peacefully, with no form of resistance. Upon arrest the only thing he had to say was, “You finally found me. What took you so long?”

Emergency Report:

Attention! There seems to be a problem with the tap water. We are not yet sure of what it is, but we have reason to believe that an untraceable toxin has been released into the water. Do not drink tap water, do not bathe, and experts advise against using local restrooms due to any chance of splash-back. If you have ingested any tap water in the last 24 hours, please seek immediate medical attention. We have reason to believe that after the water reaches your system, you have approximately 24 hours to live.

NNN News Network Special Report:

Herman Muntz, world renowned serial killer has recently been put to death by lethal injection. In an amazing twist, people line the streets outside of the prison walls holding signs and chanting in support of the infamous killer. Some of the signs read, “Save Us”, “Embrace The Darkness,” and even, “Take Us With You!” The people who are lining streets seem to be groupies, not unlike those in which you would see at a local Rock and Roll concert. Reports were released about possible toxins released into the local drinking water. A group of women sit at one side of the mass of people drinking gallons of water, some of which have already died. This suicide squad is being taken away for treatment. The more people that are arrested or brought into hospitals for medical treatment, the more that seem to arrive.

Experts are not sure, but the tainted drinking water, and other chains of events seem to all be linked to the death of Mr. Muntz. An autopsy was performed immediately after the criminal mastermind was put to death, experts reported finding, what seems to be a radio-controlled detonation device that has been set to go off upon the stopping of his heart. Nobody knows how the device could have possibly been put into his body, but a massive chain of events have come to follow.

The drinking water is infected in many major metropolitan areas. For now, avoid all tap or faucet water. A number of booby-traps have been found, activated, in a number of secluded areas. Many people have lost their lives stumbling upon these areas, or attempting to deactivate the traps. Please stay in doors and especially stay away from secluded areas.

May God have Mercy on our Souls!

~Victor Richter – NNN News

Author: Nicholas Thomas

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