A Darkness Within – Crossing Over

Three long years it’s been. Truly, I never could have imagined that I would have made it this far. The trick is to stay on your feet, to keep spry, and to always be changing your game. A key move in Chess is to always stay two moves ahead.

The Authorities can never find me. That’s because I am a product of the dark. The darkness loves me – loves me almost as much as I love her. Like I have said before, you can never escape the darkness. It is all around us. Once we embrace and invite the darkness into our souls, then it can become a part of us. They haven’t found many of the souls I have helped. That’s simply because they do not want to be found. Not yet anyway. We enter this world alone, and we leave this world alone. That is, except when I help them. I only wish people understood a little more about my mission.

We all have plans to grow and change. At least, that is what I hear. I am almost there. One more soul, and I will become a life beyond those that inhabit earth. I will become one with the dark. Essentially – the world is merely a stepping stone for me. I am nearly ready to move on…

I have been following her for days. I have left the others behind. I know where they are. They know I will return.

She saw my face. Nobody sees my face. There’s the face I hide behind, and then there is the true me. We all have a face we hide behind. Very few of us are willing to expose our true face.

When I finally caught up to her, she was watching the water. She loved the water. I knew that is where she wanted to be.

When I approached her, she asked if she could help me. I laughed. I thought that it was a very generous offer. I lured her to a secluded part of the lake. I told her that I had lost my dog. Everybody loves dogs.

I drugged her. I wanted her to be awake, just enough to see her eyes. She had magnificently dark lit eyes. I had to sit there for hours, until she came too. I will never forget the look on her face as I held her under. She was it.

I have crossed over. I am more now than I have ever been. The world seems so simple and small to me now. I only ponder how many people, more, that I can help. I only wonder how close the authorities can get. It’s of no consequence to me now. I am one with the darkness, I am part of the shadow, I have spawned with the night.

I left her there, in the water. I should have hid her – like the others. How could I have? Such beauty, such grace.

I only questioned whether or not this would be my undoing.
I must keep moving…

Author: Nicholas Thomas

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