Getting my brows waxed (finally and again)

As a seventh grader, I watched the Disney Channel with one goal in mind: be exactly like the girls on the screen. My attitude transformed in to that of such a spoiled brat, my mom called our TV provider to ban the Disney Channel for a short period. My style went from muted to diva with crazy combinations and no shortage of animal prints and sequins. However, I never put much thought into my eyebrows until I tuned into a “Shake It Up” marathon one fateful afternoon. I already had my attitude and style perfected to Disney standards, but as I watched Rocky parade around with my attitude and my style, I realized something was missing. Her eyebrows were flawless. I obstinately Internet-stalked Zendaya Coleman, the actress, with one goal in mind: to tame my bushy brows to look exactly like Zendaya’s.

Little did seventh-grade Kayla know, everyone has a different natural brow shape, and what works for one person may not work for another. I have relatively flat brows, and Zendaya has a killer arch. Of course, I wanted the killer arch too, so I sneaked into my mom’s bathroom and went to town with the tweezers. I plucked and plucked in search of the unattainable arch. Unfortunately, when you pluck your eyebrows in a makeup mirror, you cannot see how they look on your face. A few minutes later, when I gazed at my masterpieces in the normal mirror, I was horrified. I over-plucked my brows so much, I was left with two thin lines above my eyes. They didn’t even deserve the name eyebrows.

At 12 years old, I thought plucking my eyebrows was the worst sin I could possibly commit. I didn’t want my mom to find out if it was the last thing I did. I took her black eyeliner and drew new eyebrows on my face as close to the old ones as I could remember. I thought I was pushing James Bond secrecy level, but my mom noticed the change as soon as she laid eyes on me. I think she felt bad more than she felt upset, and she volunteered to pay for me to get my brows waxed to harness what was left of the shape.

That experience fostered within me an irrational fear of over-plucking. Combine that with my burning desire for full brows again, and I didn’t dare touch wax or tweezers to that area of my face for nearly six years. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, Deanna Hirsch told me I could guest on Daytime Duo while Avery Anderson got his brows waxed. I couldn’t resist, even if it meant getting my brows waxed before the show.

I paid a long overdue visit to Kelly Wilson at the Anastasia Beverley Hills counter at Nordstrom in Cherry Creek. I wasn’t scared of the pain or relinquishing control to Kelly, but I was anxious about possibly losing the fullness I’d spent years achieving. As Kelly drew the outlines of my ideal brows, she explained that Anastasia Soare developed five brow stencils for different natural brow shapes. She also called my brows “textbook,” which made my seventh-grade self resent herself for trying to turn into a Disney star with differently shaped eyebrows. Just like everyone says about waxing, it was uncomfortable but not painful. Plus, worth it, because I think my brows look better than ever.


Author: Kayla Klein

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