4 TV Characters Who Inspired My Style

Personal style seems like something of an anomaly. Being bombarded by different aesthetics through the media used to make me question whether my style was personal of just a derivate of what I saw on screens. I’ve come to learn that personal style is personal, because it’s what I choose to wear and how I choose to wear it. Personal style is always evolving and changing as new inspiration arises. Using other people’s styles to help shape my own doesn’t take away from it. In fact, there would be no style to begin with if people refused to act on inspiration.

My journey to finding my personal style didn’t ensue without doubt or obstacles. But, whenever I feel confused about how I want to dress, I look for inspiration from some of my favorite stylish TV characters.

Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

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This seems like the obvious choice, since Blair was the master of Manolo’s, but Gossip Girl found my Netflix recommendations when I was really confused about my personal style. I knew I wanted to look classy. I knew I liked statement pieces to elevate basics. I didn’t know how to combine those ideas into an outfit. Blair gave me an easy map to follow. She rocked dresses and skirts and blouses in every episode. With that framework, I could easily pair pieces to take simple to chic.

Hanna Marin, Pretty Little Liars

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Hanna never sacrificed femininity and glamour. While the other liars on the show had more definable styles, Hanna’s was harder to pin down. She dressed with the trends, and she borrowed elements from all kinds of styles to complete her own. She personified the idea that one doesn’t have to have a definite personal style to be considered stylish. It’s okay to be sporty some days, preppy others, classic every now and again, and edgy occasionally.

Rachel Berry, Glee

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After Rachel moved to New York to attend the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts, she underwent a major style transformation. She went from frumpy to fabulous but never neglected expressing herself through her style. It’s more important to wear what you like and what gives you confidence than to wear what everyone else is wearing.

Kimmy Gibbler, Full House

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Few watched this family sitcom for style inspo. Of those few, fewer probably sought style advice from Kimmy. Case-in-point, she’s the character who wore the light-up prom dress. Nonetheless, nobody could knock Kimmy for style reservations. She took risks: sometimes, they paid off, and sometimes, they didn’t. Every fashionista out there can pin-point the exact moment they realized their OOTD looked stupid. For every outfit gone wrong, though, I’ve had hundreds go right, and it’s all thanks to risk taking.

Finding style inspiration from all of these vastly different characters makes my personal style even more unique. I’m not picking from a closet full of black dresses, but a closet filled with every color, style and design imaginable. Personal style is all about interpretation of inspiration. Who inspires you?

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