The Old Broad Speaks

Instead of fighting for $15, we should regroup and attack in another direction.

In a perfect world, every meal’s a banquet and every paycheck’s a fortune. However, reality dictates that only some of us will make a living doing what we want, immediately. The rest of us must do what we need to, first, in order to do what we want to do later. Meanwhile, our main concern is that our paychecks are barely covering our necessities. What if I were tell you that there is good money to be made in several jobs, even without a college degree?

A list, compiled in May 2017, shows 16 jobs that pay $70,000 a year on average. Twelve of them require a high school (or equivalency) diploma only. The other four jobs require associates degrees. Also making these jobs appealing is the projected steady growth in those industries. So why aren’t we seeking these jobs? Well, they aren’t sexy. In that list were titles such as Transportation Inspector, Funeral Service Director, and Elevator Installer. And it’s our desire to work only sexy jobs with minimal sweat that is opening the door for construction workers and skilled technical laborers, to command higher wages, especially in Denver.

While some of us protest the minimum wage and demand to make more, I met a master plumber who is making $32 an hour. And he’s not from Denver. Denver construction companies have a limited pool, or no pool at all, of skilled and technical laborers to hire from. Colorado has one of the fastest growing populations and people need to be housed. Builders can’t keep up with demand because there aren’t enough construction personnel. Even after the construction boom eventually ends, repairs and routine maintenance will continue. Colorado is so concerned about this, there is a new law that schools must inform students about skilled labor, construction, and vocation options.

I get it, we think those jobs are dirty and they aren’t sexy. True but few of us are maintaining our own cars, or assembling our own bicycles. Admit it, when our toilets are clogged, we will gladly pay plumbers any amount they demand to fix that problem for us. Imagine if you were the one receiving that check.

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