Unlike T.V. shows, and movies, it’s kinda hard to track how popular a podcast really is (unless a creator shares their statistics). So, in honor of this milestone, I thought we’d share some statistics with you!


That’s how many downloads we’ve received in just over 5 months.

Want us to break it down more? (Here’s where we get into creepy tracking!)

  • 78.56% (39,648) downloads come from the U.S.
  • 5.85% (2,957) downloads from Canada.
  • 5.05% (2,553) downloads from the U.K.

What about the other 10%? Well, I’m glad you asked. Next highest number of downloads is Australia, with 1,189 downloads, and we have a few hundred downloads all across the E.U., from places like Sweden and France, and everywhere between. We also have downloads from the Philippines, Brazil, Madagascar, and Jamaica, to name a few!

Wanna break it down more? Let’s go by state!

  • We have the most downloads in California,
  • Second place is Texas
  • Third and fourth place go to New York and Florida
  • Our home state of Colorado falls in 10th place, just behind North Carolina!
  • Last place is South Dakota! Which means we have at least a few listens in every state!

And now, downloads by day.

  • Day 1 had one download (me!)
  • Day 2 had 40! And so did Day 3!
  • Day 4-6 dipped to around 20, before spiking up to 160 on day 7! (Alongside the release of episode 1)
  • 1,745 was the most downloads we got in one day
  • Since May we’ve had over 200 downloads every day

And let’s wrap this all up with: months!

  • February – 639 downloads
  • March – 6,390 downloads
  • April – 9,002 downloads
  • May – 19,442 downloads
  • June – 15,064 downloads (so far!)

Considering we haven’t released a new full episode since the end of April, our numbers have stayed remarkably strong! With new listeners tuning in every day!

We have to thank the FateCrafters network, Creepy, Liberty, What’s the Frequency, and The Alexandria Archives for all their love and support! Without them, we might not be reaching as many people as we are!

We look forward to 50,000 more downloads, a second season, and so much more!

Thanks for listening,

Pacific S. Obadiah

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