Not so suffering Sapphos, feat. Christine Russell hosted by Dayna Himot

Dayna Himot aka Dj Dénouement’s first installment her new podcast, The Not so suffering Sapphos. This week featuring MSU Denver senior Christine Russell as her first guest.  Dayna invited Christine in to catch up with the ultimate goal of discussing a new comic Dayna purchased at the most recent Starfest in Denver.

Part I – Christine explains how she found her way to MSU Denver. The two discuss addiction, female electricians, the military and everything in between.

Part II – Christine’s tips on MSU Denver scholarships, college credits and college basics.

Part III – Christine on being a nerd, the children of the corn and Lake Kikipapi.

(Camp Fire Stories of Lake Kikipapi created by Craig “Pepper” & William De Luca)


Not so suffering Sappho hosted by Dayna Himot

Not so suffering Sappho hosted by Dayna Himot feat. Christine Russell

Author: Dayna L. Himot

Dayna L. Himot aka Dénouement is a staff writer at Metrosphere, Met Media DIME Project Manager, and Met Radio’s resident house and techno DJ. A product of the late eighties and early nineties underground club scene, she considers herself a diehard New Englander. In reality she prides herself in the cultural climate of wherever she is. Her passion for social documentation via sound, prose, and experience was spurred at a young age. With two sons in high school, she now is a junior at MSU Denver minoring in French with a concentration in social documentary journalism.

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