Maggie Rogers dives into new light in her sold out performances

Cricket sounds start the show as Rogers walks on stage in white coat filled with colorful geometric shapes and pants singing “Color Song” from her new E.P. At first glance, she seems a bit shy on stage while she is frozen to the microphone. She enters the next song “Dog Years” with booming bass, ambient vocals and killer dance moves as seen in her performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Her jacket comes off and the crowd sang along to every word and Maggie was able to hit her falsetto on command. The show at Larimer Lounge sold out and the crowd was packed to the bar.

Maggie Rogers makes her entrance at Larimer Lounge Photo by: Nikolai Puc

Rogers is on a tour to promote her newest E.P. Now That The Light Is fading. In between her songs she brings out her awkward moments and thanks the crowd for being there. She continues to say that she also doesn’t have enough songs on her E.P. for a full set so she will be covering a few songs.

Rogers said, “It’s crazy to see so many packed people, oops I forgot a word. I’ve had a crazy year, it’s hard to perceptualize.”

She continues to thank the audience as they laugh and some say, “She’s so cute!” The songs she chose to cover sound very similar to the songs she has made for her new E.P. She tends to stick to songs with catchy hooks and elaborate vocal harmonies.

Maggie Rogers dancing at Larimer Lounge Photo by: Nikolai Puc

From Roger’s dance moves, to her skills on the guitar and drum pad, her performance fills the entire stage as the crowd cheers her on. Rogers introduces her next song and then continues to serenades Larimer Lounge with her guitar.

She has so much talent and energy that she put into her live sets. Her mesmerizing vocals matched with mourning dove sounds, snaps and drums offer an ambient, dreamy atmosphere. She can sing, write music, play the guitar and make the audience laugh. She likes to make self-deprecating jokes about the way she dances, but the audience definitely loves the awkward and real person she is. She allows the music to sound more human by having faults and imperfections in her stage presence.

Maggie Rogers showing off her guitar skills at Larimer Lounge Photo by: Nikolai Puc

Rogers lets us know that her best friend from high school is there. To Maggie’s surprise, there are also fans all the way from Columbus who came out to see her in Denver.

Rogers said, “I haven’t even had that many shows and they’ve been to three of them so thank you! The funny thing about having one E.P. out is not having enough songs for a full set. segue complete.”

For Roger’s song “Better” she hits every beat with her moves and snaps while the audience dances along with her. She climbs closer to her fans on stage. During her song “On And Off” she gets close enough to fall backwards and be caught by her screaming fans. This is the second time she has stage dived and her first one was at a previous show on tour. She explained that she is trying to get better at it.

Maggie Rogers lifted by the crowd at Larimer Lounge Photo by: Nikolai Puc

Rogers Said, “I just want to take a second and say thank you, my life has been changed by people I will never meet. There are people who know me in diapers. There are people who may have been listening to me for a very long time and there are people who only heard my music yesterday. This is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do so, thank you.”

She ends the night with her hit song “Alaska” as the fans sing along to every word and she says thank you with a final bow. She met up with a few of her fans later that night after the show. She continues to head out to sold out shows in Chicago, Washington, New York and many more.

From live performances on Jimmy Fallon and SXSW to becoming Apple Music’s new artist of the week, she will be climbing the charts and into music lovers hearts in no time. Her future is much brighter now and the radiant light of her talent and personality is shining brighter than ever. For Maggie Rogers it looks like the light is not fading anytime soon.

Maggie Rogers spreading her wings at Larimer lounge Photo by: Nikolai Puc

Author: Gabriel Gutierrez

Gabriel Gutierrez is a junior at MSU Denver studying Business Management. He serves as the Music Director at Met Radio as well as an artist manager for D.I.M.E Denver and as the Denver college and lifestyle marketing representative for Universal Music Group. You can follow Gabriel on Twitter @GabeGutierrezG.

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