Decadence 2017 biggest New Year’s Party

Hey there everybody!

Welcome to Indie Radio Sessions, Thursday, November 16th at Met Radio. We’ve got a stellar show this week so stick with us as we take you on an EDM ride.

Looking for something to do on New Years? Decadence 2017 biggest New Year’s Party. Featuring many artists Decadence, 2017/2018 will be a New Year’s party not to miss! Gramatik, Odesza, Big Gigantic, Zedd and many others will be on the setlist for this years two-night extravaganza.


Big Wild: Or Jackson Stell started as “JBeats,” primarily making hip-hop beats. He later switched to Big Wild when he traveled to California. California inspired him to want to make adventurous, big, and unique music and therefore the name Big Wild was created.

First Aid Kit is Indie: First Aid Kit is one of two songs featured on this weeks show that is “Indie” music. They are a Swedish folk-duo consisting of two sisters. Occasionally while playing live the sisters are accompanied by a drummer and sometimes a keyboard player. In 2008 they became internationally known for a YouTube cover they did of a Fleet Foxes song.

Ariel Pink, don’t be surprised but Ariel is actually a Male performer. He is an American singer-songwriter. His music is described as Lo-Fi sound that draws heavily on the influence of 70’s and 80’s.

GRiZ is cute AND plays sax: GRiZ or Grant Kwiecinski is an American DJ and Electronic producer from Michigan, rumors have said he currently resides in Colorado and will travel down to the Boulder Creek and play his Sax down there. He is popular for playing his Saxophone while also producing Funk, Electro-Soul, and “self-described” Future Funk.

Big Gigantic at Decadence 2017: Be sure to check Big Gigantic and many others out at Decadence 2017, Denver’s biggest New Year’s party! Big Gig is an Instrumental Electronic, Hip-Hop, and Jazz music duo, they are based out of Boulder, Colorado. They are considered to be the pioneers of adding Sax to their Dance-music.

Zedd: Another well-known name in the industry will also be at Decadence this year. Zedd is a Russian-German record producer, DJ, musician, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. He primarily produces and performs Electro House music, but in recent years has diversified his music from Dubstep to House, to Classical.

Gramatik a funky Hip-Hop beat maker: He is a Slovenian Electronic music producer, he currently resides in New York. At 13 Gramatik started producing Hip-Hop music. He shared his music on a website called Beatport where he was able to gain a following in the United States and since has grown in popularity.

Marshmello the guy who wears a marshmallow on his head: He is an Electronic Dance music producer and DJ. He gained international recognition by remixing songs by Jack U and Zedd. He is known for wearing a marshmallow on his head while performing.

Minnesota: Is a Eurodance group formed in Germany. Minnesota was created by Thomas Allison And Ralf Kappmeier. They are popular throughout Europe and Canada.

Pluto & Ye: Is an Electronic group. Not widely known.    

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