The Shaky Experience – 7th Circle Interview

Welcome to episode 18 of The Shaky Experience – 7th Circle Interview. Your host James Richard Lane speaks volume with Seventh Circle Music Collective founder and owner Aaron Saye. The topics discuss what it’s like running a DIY space. How Aaron got involved with the DIY community. The logistics of starting one of Denver’s most beloved venues and much more.

Aaron has been a tour manager for bands touring across the country. He’s managed bands that opened up for larger acts such as Less Than Jake and Pepper. After an extensive tour Aaron was presented the opportunity to take over former music venue Blast-O-Mat. Once he took over the space Aaron and 35 volunteers cleaned up the space to their liking and named it Seventh Circle Music Collective.

The independent space has been open for 5 years. The anniversary of their opening was September 22nd. Aaron and volunteers hope to continue to grow with the venue and community for many years to come.

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Episode 18 (10/06/17) 7th Circle Interview

Honeyfur – Chest Vacuum
Hoops – Rules
Mission Accomplished – Demented
Flural – Noonie
Octaves – Jockey Full Of Bourbon

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Author: James Lane

James Richard Lane is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. He moved to Denver August 2016 to pursue new endeavors. He  joined the MET Radio staff in May 2017 to bring a fresh, exciting sound to the station. James’ background is in entertainment and marketing. He’s been identified on television shows (The Price Is Right, House Of Cards, Veep) and movies (The Dark Knight Rises). He performs as a musician under Pelvis Presley (solo) and The Shaky Experience (as a collective). During his time in Baltimore, James hosted and performed monthly DIY shows in a hostel’s basement for nearly 3 years. James wanted to continue his legacy within the music scene in Denver by joining forces with Met Media.

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