Trev Rich’s Sold Out Denver Concert Reppin Squizzy Gang and Cash Money

Yesterday ​ ​my social media feed was talk of Trev Rich’s concert and how people are “jocking” ​(where one may obsess or talk about someone) him. I found ​this talk intriguing, because very few people voiced their opinion on this matter until the day of his concert. ​My blood boiled as I read the ignorant, backhanded comments plastered everywhere ​on Facebook from “fans”. So, I had the urge to ​ express my feelings and explain the difference between being a fan and ​​ “jocking”, via a Facebook live video. I simply corrected the ignorance of the “fans” A.K.A haters, and that needed to happen. All the energy from reading and talking about those​ comments made me excited to watch some of the top Dj’s and rappers in Colorado perform at the Gothic Theater last night.

However, ​I’m really struggling to give a review that can describe the pristine performance that the Denver audience witnessed ​last night. I can’t really give you that exact feeling I felt when I looked at the stage and saw KDJ Above move his fingers ever so lightly but rapidly all at once on his mixer and turntables. I can’t show you the way​ the crowd was mesmerized by the smooth, sultry sounds of POVI or how her​ brilliant dancers controlled every corner of the stage. And there’s ​​no way I can illuminate to​ you how accomplished DJ Hollywood Cook was while he was hyping up the​ crowd or how joyous he was when he hugged his mother on stage. Hearing the cheers and screams for DJ Simone Says as she was introduced to the crowd as the first lady of Squizzy Gang is something you would have to ask her about. Seeing Trayce Chapman’s smile light up as he rapped his lyrics to his fans was ​nothing short of a Kodak moment.  Nor can I recreate the exact escalation of cheers when AP came on the stage. Every artist last night came to produce a well-organized, professional, presentation. Giving the crowd a little taste of what to expect from Squizzy Gang, Bro Fam and POVI this year. But the biggest moments of that night was when Trev Rich performed to a sold out crowd.

As soon as Trev’s foot hit the stage and Dj Squizzy Taylors​ fingers flicked the track on, the crowd knew  ​they would be ​entertained. These two young men are the definition of #blackboyjoy. Seeing them rock out to songs they both know the stories behind and enjoying the music they missed sleep over was monumental. Then again, I didn’t know​ what to expect since this was my first time seeing him perform. Trev brought out new tracks, old, ​ and even videos to go along with his first concert as a Cash Money artist. I did feel a little disturbed when Trev shared his new song. I was hesitant about the little Yachty, mainstream media sound until I heard the first verse. He showed that he can be mainstream and still sound like Trev Rich.  Which is something many artist lose when they step into that top 40 music territory. Last night Trev Rich showed his fans that he is growing and only good music will be produced.

​​One can genuinely see how thankful he was last night. The joy of having his hometown come out and sell out his concert was written on his face and in his thank you.Being a Denver native, ​ ​one can only have respect for these artists. The sacrifices they have made and how they move within this city is amazing. But there are still those who failed to see how this concert can open doors for many other artists in Colorado. Some may say that the city is biased and that the same artists are being praised throughout the Denver music scene. Fans are the ones who make these artists lit. ​ Yes, there​ are artists ​​​ who are good and feel that they don’t get any shine. Those artists who think that way are too focused on why the DJ’s won’t play their music or why certain rappers don’t like them. Which is why Squizzy Gang is the most loved and hated group in Denver, Colorado.

I really tried my best to give you all a review that was detailed. But I can’t do that in this case. This was a moment you had​ to see for yourself. Observing ​the crowd​’s​ ​emotions that ​flowed ​ through the Gothic Theater was an indescribable​ experience. Check out a few of the amazing pictures from last night below.


You can find the rest on Facebook : Photography by Milo Lee

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