Trapped in the Screening Room- Your Name

Today were looking at YOUR NAME (2016), the new exciting anime about stepping in someone else’s shoes. Not only is the movie the highest grossing anime feature in Japan, but it fits into the season of Christmas. So yes, this could count as another Christmas episode.

YOUR NAME comes from Director Makoto Shinkai, who also gave us VOICES OF A DISTANT STAR. The movie tells the story of two young Japanese people, one is a country girl and the other is a city boy, who discover that they randomly change lives and discover what it means to live in someone else’s shoes.

Your Name

Image courtesy of Toho co., Ltd and Funimation

The themes of identity, genre threads, and what it means to connect with someone are all touched upon . Afterwards we discuss Shinkai’s style, and YOUR NAME’s place in modern Japanese cinema. We also look at how the movie edged off Hideaki Anno’s SHIN GODZILLA from the top of the box office.

We then look at how more anime movies have been released in limited screenings. Then we talk about how important it is that these films are being screened and that there is an audience for them. Next we then discuss the anime industry as a whole and look at some other modern hits such as the works of Mamoru Hosoda. We take a closer look at Hosoda’s WOLF CHILDREN and THE BOY AND THE BEAST, as well as Satoshi Kon’s TOKYO GODFATHERS and why they would make good Christmas gifts for the anime fan in your family.

And of course, since it’s that time of year, I make an effort to avoid any spoilers for STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI. So, Fingers crossed that it is a good movie.

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