Sports Nerd chats about Pittsburgh Steelers and Rooster Teeth

Sports Nerd 7
This week on The Sports Nerd I will look at Week 5 of the NFL game by game, as well as take an in-depth look into the Pittsburgh Steelers’ struggles against Jacksonville and whether there should be any long-term concerns. On the Nerd side of things I welcome in Brittanie Wood as we have a discussion about the production company Rooster Teeth and their two most popular shows; Red vs. Blue and RWBY.
NFL Week 5 – I break down game by game the performances of each team as well as reflect on some of the current trends in the NFL as well as make some bold predictions of some of the teams fates moving forward. I also provide a mini preview of the upcoming New York Giants vs. Denver Broncos matchup.

What’s going on with the Pittsburgh Steelers? – The Steelers are reeling after a very surprising loss to the upstart Jacksonville Jaguars. However, what is more surprising is how they lost the game, with Ben Roethlisberger throwing five interceptions, LeVeon Bell being a non-factor in the game and the Steelers failing to score a touchdown in a 30-9 loss. On paper, the Steelers have the talent and potential to be 5-0 this season, but now with two surprising losses against teams they should be superior to, are only at 3-2. I will take a look and see if the Steelers are a team that needs to take a long look at how to fix deep problems, or if there’s no need to panic just yet.

Red vs. Blue vs. RWBY – Brittanie Wood joins me as we take a look at Rooster Teeth and break down their two biggest shows. With Red vs. Blue having finished their 15th season and RWBY season 5 about to begin, we take an in-depth look at both of them and determine which the best show is.

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