Sports Nerd talks Dragon Ball Super

The Sports Nerd 9
Join me on The Sports Nerd for another review of a week in the NFL, a breakdown of what is going wrong with the Denver Broncos, and a detailed look to why the first two sagas of Dragon Ball Super were absolutely brilliant.
NFL Week 7 – We take a look at a week in the NFL that was filled with disappointment including, but not limited to, injuries at the quarterback position that led to drubbings, ugly, low scoring affairs, more than a couple blowouts and some of the worst primetime games of the season so far.

Who’s to Blame for the Broncos’ Struggles? – After back to back pitiful performances, fans and journalists alike are starting to point fingers at whose fault it is for such poor play. Is it Trevor Siemian? Or maybe it’s the offensive line or running game? Maybe Vance Joseph is to blame. Or maybe, it is a combination of all of the above. We’ll dive into what I think and what the Broncos should do about it, or if there is anything they can do about it.

Dragon Ball Super’s Polarizing Start – Inspired by a discussion with a more than skeptical friend, I’ll take you through the first two sagas of Dragon Ball Super. For those who don’t know, Dragon Ball Super chose to break down the most recent Dragon Ball Z movies that hit theaters into episodic sagas, a move that some fans found annoying, but I actually found to be a genius move on the creator’s part. I’ll break down why doing this was a perfect way to shake up the status quo, reintroduce characters long since thought to be obsolete and eliminate one of the more glaring issues that Dragon Ball Z had in its later seasons. Minor spoilers ahead.

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