Sports Nerd Talks MLB Playoffs and Dragon Ball

Hey Sports Nerd fans! This week we’re talking about all sorts of fun subjects, like the MLB Playoffs and Mario…again. Please tune in as we’ll discuss more in the sports and nerd worlds.

The Colorado Rockies’ Playoff Push: Listen in as I first make an apology for a bold proclamation I made earlier in saying the Rocks would not make the playoffs, and then break down the Rockies’ roller coaster ride to a good position to make it to the postseason, and what it will take to make it happen.
The Cleveland Indians Historical Run: For more than a month now, there has been no team better than the Cleveland Indians. We’ll discuss their record-breaking run, how they’ve done it, and what this means for the layout of the MLB playoffs.

NFL Week 1 in Review: We’ll discuss the first full week of the NFL regular season (and the Week 2 Thursday Night Football snooze fest). Game by game, we’ll discuss what went well, what didn’t, and make some very premature predictions about the success, or lack thereof, of a few NFL teams.

Broncos vs. Chargers and the Weeks Ahead: We’ll break down the dramatic game against the AFC West rival Los Angeles (not San Diego) Chargers, highlighting both the good and the bad parts of it. Also, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Broncos’ upcoming tests against the Cowboys, Bills, and Raiders.

Super Mario Cartoon in 2017: Last week we took a bizarre trip down memory lane to review the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and other obscure Mario cartoons in the early 90s. For the last week of the Mario trilogy we’ll discuss why a 2017 Mario cartoon could be done easily.

Dragon Ball Review: The first of many Dragon Ball discussions to come, we’ll look at the series that started it all; highlighting its Journey to the West-inspired origin as well as why it might be a better idea to watch its sequel Dragon Ball Z before watching it.

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