Podcast: Post 4th of July Summer Sunshine Sports Show

Just a day after the 4th of July festivities, Nathan Matoush and Taylor Oxenfeld talk all the latest news in the world of sports on this special edition of the Summer Sunshine Sports Show.  The first segment of the show (00:00-23:00) was centered all around the slumping Colorado Rockies and their disappointing 8-1 loss on the 4th of July. The segment ended with a discussion on the recent MLB All-Star roster.  Heading to the bottom half of the hour,  (25:00-45:00) the guys dove into NFL offseason news.  The main debate featured Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins and why or why not he should be a top paid QB in the NFL.  During the last frame of the show (43:00-53:40) Nathan and Taylor discussed the latest news in NBA free agency and the Denver Nuggets recently signed veteran Paul Millsap.   The show ended with game picks as always.

4th of July


Author: Nathan Matoush

Nathan Matoush is a senior at MSU Denver majoring in Communication Arts and Sciences with an emphasis in broadcast. He also serves as the social media manager and sportscaster for Met Radio. Nathan is pursuing a career in sports journalism after graduation. You can contact him on Twitter at @Nathan_Matoush.

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