Mitchel Evan & The Mangrove EP release interview

Mitchel Evan EP release with new single "Back and Forth" at Lost Lake.

Mitchel Evan is a newly solo artist releasing an EP called ‘Back and Forth.’ Today he played the title single for the first time on Met Radio’s show the Mile High Mic! First, in the interview we talk about his vacation in Spain, Evan’s preferences in how he performs live. Lastly, we discuss his role in the growing Denver and Boulder music scene and what he loves about it all.

“Back and Forth” is a lyrical showcase of self-actualization, adaptation, and acceptance.

In the beginning, Mitchel started writing music at the age of 14 years old. Although, he was in a band creating progressive, indie-centric music before entering his solo career, he now looks for his sound in new experiments with music genres. In addition, his live vocals pair sweetly with his acoustic performances.

Mitchel Evan & The Mangrove performing “Back and Forth” at the Walnut Room.

Evan is originally from Richmond, Virginia who then moved to Colorado in 2014. He has been in the Denver – Boulder music scene performing at over seventy venues. He has performed at venues like the Walnut Room, Larimer Lounge, a few cafes, and the Oriental Theatre. His next performance will be at Lost Lake Lounge on July 19th with Andrew Combs.

Mitchel Evan

Mitchel Evan performing at Fox Theatre Photo By: Joel Rekiel

Furthermore, his new four song EP features is a coming of age experiment with influences of Jazz, blues, soul/reggae and country. He touches on themes personal to his own life such as life transitions, relationships, passion, and angst. Evan’s highly thought out lyrics have a lot of truth and purposeful meaning because they come from his truth. A great example of his lyrics is in the acoustic song “Swim.”

“advertised fuzz is echoing into the airwaves, like a drug that wont stop using the man that it takes. I’m tired of sleeping alone but I can’t commit, and that makes for a hell of an internal conflict. ”

Mitchel Evan

Mitchel Evan performing at Larimer Lounge

Overall, if you are looking for mesmerizing vocals with some soothing acoustic guitar Mitchel Evans is a must see! In addition, he doesn’t cut corners when it comes to writing his lyrics. He is dissolving barriers between the artist and the listeners with his personal experiences.

Get Your tickets today to see Mitchel Evan live at Lost Lake with Andrew Combs!

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