Katie Costello builds a ‘New World’ in music

Katie Costello Interview

Katie Costello discusses her influences, the change in her new music, and what it means to build a new world.

Katie Costello is an independent artist who does it all, from artist, composer, music publisher to co founder of Rebel Pop Records. Her music compares to artists like Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor. Costello was born in California and started writing songs at thirteen. New York has become a second home to her as she found her sound and inspirations of peace, hope, and inclusivity. Her music has made appearances on TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, and 90210.

Katie Costello

Performing in New York July 28th ‘New World’ EP release.

Katie Costello performed all three songs from her latest EP “New World” Live on Met Radio. The upbeat, pop hook EP is now available on Apple Music and Spotify. She talks about her goals to create a new world with a positive outlook on life and being a good person. Costello discusses her success with Rebel Pop Records along with her EP release show in New York on July 28th. She has plans to Release an LP in early October as well as a performance in LA at the Hotel Cafe. Right now she is taking a bit of a break in the Mile High City with some sight seeing. 

Katie Costello

Katie Costello live in MET Radio studio on Keyboard

Furthermore, Katie describers her love for the contrast of the mountains and the city in Colorado. She likes to get away from people she knows for a bit. She took the opportunity of being in Colorado to shoot her music video for “Hearts on Fire.” Katie has also just released the music video for “A Beautiful Mystery” on the Huffington Post. The video features Katie discovering the beautiful mysteries of the world through kaleidoscope visuals of “feel good” music and clever storytelling art. 

Katie has a few important messages for her listeners. The title track “New World” is about taking things into your own hands. The song encourages being the change you wish to see in the world. Costello wants her listeners to transform the world we live in by having an open-mind and positive outlook on life. Stay up to date as Katie Costello will be performing more in the future while her music is also currently being played on MET Radio at MyMetMedia.com/Listen.

Join Katie Costello on all her social medias to be up to date with her upcoming performances. Listen for new music released this October. Create a new world and become inspired with the new upbeat and positive music coming from Rebel Pop Records.

New World now available on Apple Music & Spotify.





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Katie Costello

Author: Gabriel Gutierrez

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