Jade Bird’s Debut EP Release of Something American

Jade Bird "Something American" EP Review

Jade Bird just released her first ever EP titled ‘Something American.’ She is a british  singer-songwriter from a military background, making her debut with a few southern inspired love ballads. She already has tour dates set for New York, Los Angeles and Tennessee this summer.

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First of all, the EP begins with title track “Something American.” In this introduction we get a glimpse of a past love she remembers from her youth. This song features rich and raw nostalgic vocals similar to Maggie Rogers. Bird pairs this nicely with her acoustic guitar skills. The lyrics to “Something American” are:

We knew each other when we were very young. high school sweethearts or something American, now we become what. I only see photos, She’s what I thought, something American.

Surprisingly, the EP has a soulful twist to it in the song “Grinnin’ in Your Face.” The song starts with steady clapping and acapella vocals that leads into a guitar rhythm. Bird gives some words of wisdom telling her listeners that good friends are hard to find.

Women everywhere need to take notes with Bird’s new song “Good Woman.” She dishes out on a man who lied about his love for her and he still wants more. In the chorus we hear the disapproval of this new woman. Bird explains this new girl he is seeing as cheaper than a dollar store version of her. This song has an upbeat Carrie Underwood bad girl sensation of a strong and independant good woman.

Finally, Jade leaves us with a question on her debut EP asking “What Am I Here For.” One more love ballad to leave us wanting more of her rich and angelic voice. She completely strips the song down to just vocals and strings (as seen before in her acoustic live sets on the TEAfilms live sessions) and that’s really all she needs to steal the hearts of any listener. This song ends with a melancholy piano solo unlike the rest of her music.

Overall, Jade Bird is a new british singer-songwriter with guitar and vocal skills to leave a room in awe. She is heading out on tour this summer kicking it off in New York. Bird is hitting the stage at Rockwood Music Hall on July 18th.

Also, See Jade Bird perform Something American Live.

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