Indie Radio Sessions 002 Flux Pavillion, James Young, Rhymefest

Welcome back to Indie Radio Sessions 002 on Met Radio!  Pleased to have you checking out the show each week.

This week’s sessions featured a wider variety of artists.

Starting this week out with Opia. Opia is a three piece band from Australia. Their music has a lot of inspiration behind it and a lot of meaning, which you can definitely hear in their music. Flux Pavillion HUGE, he is a super popular DJ that tours internationally. He’s in Denver frequently. This song Savage has that pop vibe to it that catchy lyric, but it an EDM song first and foremost. Jarryd James is a cool artist, he seems super down to earth and not a sellout. His song Do you remember charted no. 2 in 2016.

Jaymes Young is one of many indie/alternative artists that I am loving right now. He’s an American artist. Hey, American! a lot of artists I feature are not American. Ultralife is Oh Wonders new album, if you dug that song Shark you should for sure check their new album out. They are very mellow, an pop-alt duo. Rhymefest is an interesting artist. He is a songwriter, one of his more popular songs he wrote was Jesus Walks with Kayne West. He is a politician and a philanthropist, dang! *Insert weird electronic band* Hot Chip, they totally look like if your dad was a dorky, cool DJ. They are indie electronic, both my favorites in one! Pham is super low-key, he doesn’t even have a wiki page, surprising I know. He has actually been busy writing and producing songs for Big Gigantic and Waka Flocka. He is a DJ, fully self-taught which is impressive. Human, I’m only human Rag n Bone Man. This is his first single released, he’s a fairly new artist in the industry.

Oh, Brother Ali, all I can say is check this article out. And last but not least, Atmosphere. He’s been at it for 20 years and still making new music. I remember growing up listening to him. There is also another article about him you can check out. Keep checking Indie Radio Sessions out! This week was episode 2, Indie Radio Sessions 00:2. Much Love!

Opia: Falling

Flux Pavillion: Savage

Jarryd James: Do you remember

Jaymes Young: We Won’t

Oh Wonder: Shark

Rhymefest: Bullet and a Target

Hot Chip: Huarache lights

Rag n Bone Man: Human

Brother Ali: Baby girl

Atmosphere: Sunshine



Author: Jasmine Crockett

Jasmine is a junior at MSU Denver. She is an English major and a marketing minor. Her longterm goals are to go into publishing/editing. She enjoys exploring Colorado and going to live music shows in her free time. You can follow her on Twitter @JassyJ93.

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