The Griswolds Say “Goodbye” at The Marquis Theatre on March 16th

The Griswolds say “Goodbye” on their US tour at The Marquis Theatre in Denver on March 16th. From sold out venues like San Diego, Los Angeles, to Phoenix and Washington, they end their Low Lives Tour in the Mile High City.

Fans have been admiring their newest album released in early November of 2016. “High Times For Low Lives” has been created by the same team that works with Kanye West’s productions. It’s no surprise they have so much to say to their dedicated and loyal fans when it comes to politics and choices. When asked about the meaning of their album cover and significance it holds to the band, Dan had this to say.

“The album art itself is St. Sebastian, who is a saint who died for what they believed in, and were martyred for it, which is pretty poignant and considering how much our sound has changed from album one to two.” He said, “We were sticking to our guns despite everyone who said this is too crazy, this is too different, but we wanted to do it no matter what.”

The Griswolds fans were eagerly waiting outside the venue with blankets at three in the afternoon. Dan and Tim were talking to their fans during soundcheck before the show. Later when the doors finally opened they packed the stage and ordered some of the Marquis pizza. When asked about the ups and downs to touring Dan explains that it’s hard but worth it.

“Its great getting to play for everyone and meet the people who come to the shows and get to hear all of their stories about their lives and hear about what our music has done for them and influenced their lives.” He said, “Were just so grateful for all of them, I don’t know if there is a bad side to touring other than the fact that we’re away from home so much.”

The Griswolds at Marquis Theatre Photo by Nikolai Puc

Many of the songs had fans singing the lyrics back as soon as they were introduced. While playing the title song from their first album “Be Impressive” the Griswolds cut out instruments and  focused on audience singing along shouting out “B.E. I.M.P.R.E.S.S.I.V.E” from the chorus.

During the course of the Griswolds setlist the audience rocked out, clapped loudly, and hollered the lyrics to the band members. There is no denying that the fan base feels a personal connection to the music and the mates from Sydney Australia. They talk about what their goal was for this new album.

“We were going for raw honesty for this record, honesty in sound, honesty in the songwriting, honesty in the lyrics, never settling for anything that was not perfect.” They said, “High Times For Low Lives was a completely different song but we really loved the lyrics to that one.”

Dan from the Griswolds explains why they are not role models and why they wouldn’t want to be.

“Obviously there are limitations on what you can think and say, not necessarily always coinciding all the time, but were definitely not role models, I don’t know I feel sorry for any artist that is a role model it’s a lot of pressure and I don’t really think that it’s fair that an artist needs to be a certain way for people to like their music.”  He explains, “I Don’t know anything about Steven Spielberg but I love his movies, it would make no difference to me if he has a foot fetish, his personal life means nothing to me for what he creates.” He continues to say, “Music becomes broken, it’s not music anymore now it becomes personalities, they’re a brand instead of an artist.”

The Griswolds at The Marquis Theatre Photo by: Nikolai Puc

Toward the end of the show Chris stops to say “You Make It Worth It” and continues to play out the show with a cover of “Hey Ya!” by Outkast. The band says goodbye to their guitarist Tim who has been with them all of their Low Lives tour. They follow with playing the song “If You Wanna Stay.” from their first album. They share a group hug on stage followed by a paired guitar solo between Tim and Chris. After the announcement the audience held up red and blue paper hearts in the front and sang along wishing Tim a farewell. They continued to play songs like “Out Of My Head” and “Feels So Right” from their sophomore album.

After being encored to play their anticipated title track the fans were brought to a rally speaking about current leaders and their choice to be heard with the power of music. Some of the fans came to tears when they felt how much of an impact they could have in the world. Chris brought the audience attention to say this.

“Here tonight I have heard so many beautiful singing and screaming voices, we can take those voices out to the world and scream for the things that we fucking believe in, and scream against the bullshit that we don’t believe in, I wanna tell you what I believe in, I believe we’re all equal every one of us.” He says, “It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what religion you follow, it doesn’t matter who you’re attracted to, it doesn’t matter because we all have a voice.”

The Griswolds at The Marquis Theatre Photo by: Nikolai Puc

The audience held up their flashlights as Dan and Chris performed a personal, somber and powerful rendition of “High Times For Low Lives” on the keys and vocals. Chris walked into the audience and sang right next to their fans creating a very up close and personal moment.

In the very last song The Griswolds brought out The Dreamers to the stage whom they have been touring with. They played one of the Griswold’s most popular songs “Heart Of A Lion” while the audience went wild and cheered loudly. Before the show Dan describes the live experience of the band.

“High energy, slow and dark, and we kind of craft it so some of the songs are joined together and there’s a medleys of songs in the middle of the set it’s not expected.” He Said, “it’s a bit more of a show so we treat the songs differently live.”

When the song ended The Griswolds and Dreamers jumped around on stage in a mosh pit causing the drums, and instruments to fall over. Each member of the band was passed out on top of each other on the floor while the audience screamed until the music stopped.

With happy tears and a positive message to their fans, The Griswolds ended their tour with a night to remember. The electrifying bass, guitar solos and songs to sing along to had their fans hyped all night. They will be taking a very small break and then heading out to five shows in their hometown Australia. The Griswolds have impressive fans and songs that you can’t get out of your head.

The Griswolds at The Marquis Theatre Photo by: Nikolai Puc

Author: Gabriel Gutierrez

Gabriel Gutierrez is a junior at MSU Denver studying Business Management. He serves as the Music Director at Met Radio as well as an artist manager for D.I.M.E Denver and as the Denver college and lifestyle marketing representative for Universal Music Group. You can follow Gabriel on Twitter @GabeGutierrezG.

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