Foxtrax opens for Barns Courtney at The Bluebird Theatre in Denver

Ben started the night on the keyboard and vocals serenading the Denver crowd at the Bluebird Theatre on May 13th. Immediately afterwords he grabbed his guitar and continued into a highly energized piece with Jon on drums and Jared on the bass. Ben brought out his dance moves in each song as he worked up the audience in clapping along to the beat and got them to move their feet. He said he wanted the audience to participate and get down with the band. He talked about the difference between performing at Coachella and performing at a theatre.

Photo By: Sam Silver @Samu.Silv

“There is different energy at a festival, people are much more energetic, and wanna dance, sometimes when you’re playing a theatre or a venue with seats people wanna enjoy and listen, but at a festival people wanna rage it up and have a good time.” He Said, “It was really fun for us that people were super reactive to our music and we were able to make people dance.”

Jon and Jared are brothers and their chemistry is the reason Ben is able to keep the audience in an upbeat groove. The trio brought the crowd up off their feet while they opened up the night with spine tingling vocals, and energetic rhythm from the drum and bass. Ben had the audience at the edge of their toes when he jumped on the drum set to give his last rockstar guitar strum on stage. Ben has been inspired by Bob Dylan, and The Beatles. He grew up listening to his brothers playing music being the youngest of four boys. He tells us that he has been listening to more pop music as well.

Photo By: Sam Silver @Samu.Silv

“There is never a shortage of great music out there, i’m turning a corner and loving a lot more pop music than I used to love, even a guy like Harry Styles for example, he just came out with a song called Sign of the Times, and it’s amazing.” He Said, “The first time I heard it I was like wow, I thought this as an incredible song and at first I was like I wish I wrote this one, this is a great tune. So everyday you hear stuff on the radio that is going to inspire you.”

Ben was very excited to perform at The Bluebird Theatre for the first time because he has never been to Denver until this tour. He hopes to inspire more artists and his fans by teaching them how to sing, play the guitar, bass or drums. The band features Skype calls and lessons on their website from each member to pay it forward and inspire others to chase their dreams.

Photo By: Sam Silver @Samu.Silv

“We want to pay it forward, people were always generous with me growing up and I learned so many valuable lessons from other musicians.” He Said, “I know everything I know about music from other people whether it be people who have mentored me as a kid or other records. My greatest hope for the world is that kids continue to play music and to love it, so If I can be a link in that chain somehow that would be my honor.”

The alternative band Foxtrax has a lot of passion, talent, and inspiration to give. They are on their way to inspire rising artists and bring groovy music that will get you up and off your feet and a dance party you won’t forget. Check them out on tour while they hit cities like Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and of course their hometown New York. They will be working on new music very soon as well so stay tuned to hear what Foxtrax has to say next.

Photo By: Sam Silver @Samu.Silv

Author: Gabriel Gutierrez

Gabriel Gutierrez is a junior at MSU Denver studying Business Management. He serves as the Music Director at Met Radio as well as an artist manager for D.I.M.E Denver and as the Denver college and lifestyle marketing representative for Universal Music Group. You can follow Gabriel on Twitter @GabeGutierrezG.

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