Electric Guest at Bluebird Theatre Feb. 26. 2017

The electronic R&B funk-synth duo, Electric Guest, hit the stage at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver Feb. 26.

Embarking on their US tour for the album “Plural,” Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton deliver more upbeat, optimistic, and modern melodies to keep their fans singing along. Accompanied by a mix of modern, 80’s synths, and Taccone’s powerhouse vocals, it’s the perfect combination of love ballads and tunes to keep you tapping your feet.

“For this one it’s hard to match anything from the 60’s and 70’s,” Taccone said, referencing his musical influences. “It’s beautiful. There’s a different consciousness then. I was just trying to make modern music that was compelling.”

The new project “Plural” has a few differences from the debut album “Mondo”.

“The first one was shrouded and vague lyrics,” Taccone explained. “That’s what I was going for. I wanted people to work for the meaning. The Beatles had much more pedestrian songs and you knew exactly what they were singing about I wanted to do something more streamlined, but a little simpler.

Equipped with more influences and even more vocals from Taccone, Electric Guest hopes to send out a positive message with their new music. During the duo’s performance, we see Taccone on the keyboard and Compton on the drums. The Electric Guest transported the audience away from the Bluebird into a galaxy of pop-synth ambience. Featuring hits from both of their albums, they allowed the crowd to engage by clapping their hands and listening to the new lyrics for the first time. When performing their song “Zero” Taccone explained to the audience that this song is for the haters.

Being 5,280 feet above sea level couldn’t stop Taccone from tearing up the stage with his dance moves. Although it was hard to breath at such high elevation in the Mile High City, they managed to engage the audience in their hit songs “Troubleman” and “This Head I Hold.” They never missed a beat while the audience sang and clapped along to their favorite songs. A few of the fans who have just discovered their music four months ago were waiting to hear the album live rather than listen to it online first. You will never get the same performance twice with Electric Guest.

Taccone ran out into the audience to shake hands with some fans and dance with them during one of his songs. Some improvisations were added to a few of their songs like “Oh Devil” which kept the audience on their toes. One of the bandmates allowed a few of the fans to take a copy of their set list home which will be cherished forever.

For many audience members both young and old, this was their first time seeing Electric Guest live. The crowd encored the duo and they happily played their song “Holes” to officially close out the night. Taccone has said before he’s been inspired by so many musicians and genres from trap, classical, hip-hop, to R&B. This calls for such a great combination of appreciating some of the classics but adding a modern spin on the sound with powerful vocals.

Taccone tells us that his album represents how we all different faces underneath the one we show the world. His album cover and title displays our plural personalities.

“Initially it represents how split everybody is in the states,” he explained. “We kind of have our internal selves that we keep for ourselves and our authentic selves and then our masks we put on for the world. There’s a duality of that and wishing there was no plurality within myself and the struggle of who I am versus who I put out.”

Musically “Plural” has many differences from Electric Guest’s debut album “Mondo.” They venture into something more compelling and modern for their fans. After these cross country performances, they will be heading out to Europe for the second leg of their tour.

Having taken quite a while to release new music, Taccone wants to feel more comfortable touring after the end of their US and European leg.

“I hope I get comfortable again with touring,” he said. “I kinda hate touring, I like the shows but I always get in my head and nervous. I just don’t like the traveling part.”

Electric Guest is catchy, energetic, and filled with great vibes. The fans and those soon to be have a lot more to expect from the duo this year. Contrary to the title of their song “Bound To Lose” from the album, Electric Guest is undeniably bound to win.

Electric Guest at The Bluebird Theatre Feb. 26. 2017 Photo By: Gabriel G. Gutierrez

Author: Gabriel Gutierrez

Gabriel Gutierrez is a junior at MSU Denver studying Business Management. He serves as the Music Director at Met Radio as well as an artist manager for D.I.M.E Denver and as the Denver college and lifestyle marketing representative for Universal Music Group. You can follow Gabriel on Twitter @GabeGutierrezG.

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