Poten delivers analog arsenal to DFMD

Deep Frequenciez with Dénouement  presents an analog arsenal fit for any deep house head. Vinyl junkie, Poten’s underground roots run deep. This dj caught Dénouements attention in 2016 with his sounds, knowledge and seamless ability to blow minds by way of wax. Poten was 15 years old when he was working two jobs to save to buy his first pair of Technic 1200’s, a year later at the age of 16. In the early years he started out as a hio-hop scratch dj, now 13 years later, Poten still owns and plays on those decks, but his true love is electronic music. Those same decks he purchased when he was 16 were set up on stage at Versus 2’s in Utah where the party made global dance news via Mixmag and it’s legendary shut down.

Footage of the Versus 2 rave raid in 2005.

Poten is at 1:27

Author: Dayna L. Himot

Dayna L. Himot aka Dénouement is a staff writer at Metrosphere, Met Media DIME Project Manager, and Met Radio’s resident house and techno DJ. A product of the late eighties and early nineties underground club scene, she considers herself a diehard New Englander. In reality she prides herself in the cultural climate of wherever she is. Her passion for social documentation via sound, prose, and experience was spurred at a young age. With two sons in high school, she now is a junior at MSU Denver minoring in French with a concentration in social documentary journalism.

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