Compass & Cavern Channel 93.3 Big Gig 2017

Compass & Cavern Interview

We talk Big Gig, “Good Enough” Music Video, and Rock version of Disney covers. 

Compass & Cavern is a three-piece alternative rock band from Denver, CO. The band was formed in December 2014 and has since risen quickly in the Colorado music scene. They have performed at KTCL 93.3’s Demo Derby and secured supporting sets in several of Colorado’s most well-known venues. ​Recently, the band’s song, “Good Enough” from their new Before It Begins album, placed third in KTCL 93.3’s Big Gig competition which earned them the opportunity open up the festival on the Locals stage. They will also be attending a few concerts coming to Denver. Will, Jake and Chris will be seeing Foster The People at the Ogden and Mutemath in October along with Needtobreathe in September. Will is waiting for another Deerhunter show, he’s a real antler head Jake says. 

First, we sit down and talk about Compass & Cavern’s appearance at KTCL’s 93.3 Big Gig on August 12th. They will be opening up on the local stage at 2:20pm. The song “Good Enough” received votes from fans to get the band in third place for the show. The headlining bands at the main stage will be Blink-182 and Bleachers. Next, we discussed their influences and process of creating their new music video and album. The dramatic ending came as a surprise to Chris when filming.  Also, the video features Colorado’s stormy and sunny weather. Today they performed the songs “Metafor” and “Good Enough” live in the studio. 

Furthermore, the band has performed at several venues in Colorado. They have a few favorites like the Bluebird Theatre and Summit Music Hall. Their ideal show would feature Twenty One Pilots at Red Rocks Theatre in the evening with a full moon. Also, the band had a fan stop by to talk to Chris and their Disney cover show with Creature Canopy. Later, they will be creating a brief album with a few of their favorite Disney covers for the fans. They enjoy the challenge of taking the Broadway version and making it a three piece mindset. One of the songs may or may not be performed live at Big Gig. Will’s favorite song to cover is “Under The Sea” from The Little Mermaid. Jake’s favorite Disney cover is “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book. 

Finally, make sure and check out the local stage at KTCL’s 93.3 Big Gig. Compass & Cavern will be on the local stage at 2:20pm. The band will be performing alongside other locals and friends like Optyc Nerd and Popfilter. Listen to the rest of their newest album ‘Before It Begins.’ You don’t want to miss this band in its rising success in the Denver music scene. Follow their social medias to see where they are going next!

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Compass & Cavern

Compass & Cavern LIVE at Met Radio. (Left to Right) Jake, Chris, Will

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Author: Gabriel Gutierrez

Gabriel Gutierrez is a junior at MSU Denver studying Business Management. He serves as the Music Director at Met Radio as well as an artist manager for D.I.M.E Denver and as the Denver college and lifestyle marketing representative for Universal Music Group. You can follow Gabriel on Twitter @GabeGutierrezG.

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