Coast Modern makes waves back to Denver

Interview at Globe Hall Denver before the show with Coast Modern

Coast Modern’s fans sang along to the hits like “Dive,” and “Guru.” Coleman Trapp (singer) introduced himself while letting everyone know that he was born in Denver. He’s out visiting some family while on the fourth stop to their tour. Luke Atlas (guitar) and Coleman shared a brotherly chemistry on stage calling each other cute and saying “I love you.” With a little bit more love, Coleman had a request from a fan to ask his girlfriend to homecoming on stage. She said yes.

Coast Modern

Coleman’s Return to the Denver stage. Photo By: Teresa Diaz Soriano

Coast Modern has been influenced by so many genres from Hip Hop to Alternative  music and yes, even Pop! They covered Julia Michael’s newest hit song “Uh Huh” and did a great job of adding their own personality to it. Later, Coleman had the audience close their eyes as he took us on a trip to the amazon. In this amazon, we saw tigers, trees, and smiling faces. With this being one of their most magical shows on tour so far of course they were encored. The fans cheered while stomping like they really were in the amazon. Finally, Luke and Coleman came back to close the night with “Pogs and Slammers” and “Hollow Life.”

Coast Modern – “Hollow Life.”

How are you guys, is this your first time in Denver?

Coleman: “I was born in Denver, and I lived in Aurora three years ago.”

Luke: “We played here twice before, at the Marquis, and the Bluebird Theatre. They’re all really good spots.”

You’re known for creating music that people don’t expect and you push the envelope with songs like “Hollow Life” and “The Way It Was” while being yourself. What inspires that attitude and boldness?

Luke: “I think it’s years of not doing that, and like trying to fit into different molds, I’ve been wild but I tried to rein it in, I tried to do pop music and fit someone else’s ideas, it was soul crushing, so to throw that off and do whatever we want there’s a lot of power in that.” He said, “we have to excite ourselves.”

You said in previous interviews you’re excited about future albums and thinking about where you will be when you make them. Where do you predict you will be when you make more music?

Luke: In an airstream trailer.” he jokes while sitting in an airstream trailer back stage.

Coleman: “We’ve thought about making music on the road, it would also be cool to make album in like a destination album, like go to Scandinavia work with Luke’s ancestors or just get a tropical cabin in the rainforest or on a boat.”

Luke: “ The Swedes know how to make good pop music.”

Coast Modern – “The Way It Was.”

Given the current world issues going on, you’re always creating positive vibes in your music. Do you consider yourselves role models or would you want to be?

Coleman: “Without saying it Inadvertently, it would feel great to know that we influenced someone’s life positively.”

Luke: “Yeah, we’re just trying to inspire maybe like a lighter way of thinking perhaps, and people can get caught up in the day to day little minutia and numbing it with your phone and etc. but you can…

Coleman & Luke: “Zoom Out.”

They high fived.

You say that you are inspired by the way a song was made, or the “vibe” and you add interludes to let others know your process. Are you hoping to inspire other upcoming artists?

Luke: “Absolutely, yeah, like when I was younger I listened to a lot of Lo-Fi music that wasn’t super shiny and polished, and you could hear the mistakes and stuff.” He said, “it kind of helps you hear like oh I could make music too. So thats kind of why we left interludes in there to show some humanity and hopefully inspire.”

Coleman: “Yeah, it’s a stage in the creative process, like that’s the flash of inspiration, those interludes have so much life because that’s before you have to pick it apart and turn it into a record. There’s magic there.”

Coast Modern “Yemma.”

Creating this album has been a long time coming. What’s the most valuable thing you learned from creating this project and collaborating with each other?

Coleman: “Trusting ourselves, I feel like when we listen back to the album we can hear the moments when we compromised, there’s not that many but they stick out. You gotta trust in your gut.”

Luke: “The gut sometimes knows better than the mind, it’s the instinct, like does it feel right or not and being true to yourself.”

Do You have specific moments where you wished you didn’t compromise on a track?

Coleman: “Dive, we wrote it five years ago. It was a learning experience because for me it was about like creating art that was very pure, and Dive for me was very forced.” He said. “it was such an old song we had so many different permutations it was like a lesson on just the process of other people’s opinions and the idea of like what a pop song needs to be a pop song.” He continues to say, “but at the end of the day I feel like I learned a lesson that music is just fun and you don’t have to overthink it and if people like it than it doesn’t matter what the process of making it was. But it still doesn’t have to be a painful process to be there.”

Coast Modern – “Dive.”

You want to make your brand “physical.” How do you plan on doing that, while working on a clothing line?

Coleman: @GarenRomeo messaged us on Instagram and we looked at his profile and we were like dude this guy is on some future wave, gucci wave. We thought it be cool if we could work with him in the future he is like a cool creative dude.” He continues to say,”my favorite posts are the ones that are the wackiest so it’s just like keeping things moving and fresh and alive and not overthinking it and that ties into our brand because it’s like why not do a clothing company or throw a party?”

Luke: “Yeah we always like to think of ourselves as more than just music, it’s kind of a whole world that we want people to be a part of, so we’re talking scents, candles maybe but not just products but like films, art, and creative spaces, events, happenings, and curating other cool art that we enjoy.”

What is your go to road snack when on tour? Any place you have to stop to get your fix?

Luke: “Were super healthy were big on like Co-ops, and Whole Foods, Natural Grocery stores.”

Coleman: “They’ll hunt down good coffee everyone is always looking for the best place to get coffee, and I eat a lot of cocoa nips on the road, a lot of raw foods, and ingredients.”

Luke: “a lot of nuts, fruits, berries, we eat like birds.”

Do you guys have any unknown talents or hobbies?

Coleman: “We saw a YouTube video of some guy playing with cake like he was just sticking his hands in it and it just a mixture of like disgust at the same of time of like pleasure in the weirdest way.” He Said, “it’s like the tactfulness of it and so we just printed stuff on cakes and rubbed our hands in it, its like ASMR.”

Luke: “Yeah, we’re really good at it, cake squishing.”

Do you still play Pogs and Slammers or have your collection? What is your coolest POG?

Coleman: “Not since 1998, its old school.”

Luke: “Our Bassist’s Family sold Pogs and we got some from him so we got some fresh tubes of pogs in the attic. We threw down in Detroit.”

Coleman: “There were certain ones that had more powers like the skull and cross bow and some holographic ones with snakes they were all very extreme it was the 90’s.”

Coast Modern – “Pogs & Slammers.”

What are you guys most likely doing on your days off when your not on tour?

Coleman: “I write a lot, I don’t get a lot of writing done but I put myself in the zone to write.”

Luke: “I like hiking and exploring nature, sitting in nature, going on top of a mountain, which surprisingly there is a lot of in LA.”

Would you write songs for other artists if you had the chance and if so who?

Coleman: “We have, have you ever heard of Lola Coca she’s dope, she’s a British artist who is our home girl and we wrote the song for her called “Dream Date.” You can hear us in it.” He Said, “one time we went to Nashville to write with country hit makers one of the guys we wrote with has 20 #1’s. We got there we were so excited to write country music and they were so excited to write pop music.”

Luke: “Yeah that’s definitely our goal to write for more people now that we kind of have our own thing going on like our vibe.”

In reference to your song “Pockets Full Of No,” what’s your favorite thing to do for free? How do you get your cheap thrills?

Coleman: “How much does a sunset cost? I like watching time pass, step out on the lawn in your bare feet feel the grass betwixt your toes.” He said very poetically. “Sometimes I fast for fun, i’ll go a day without eating just to feel the edge.” Takes a deep breath and continues, “like this is what dying feels like, then after you eat again that whole week you feel energized.”

Luke: “Hiking is free and you can always go to a used bookstore and not buy anything.”

Coast Modern – “Pockets Full Of No.”

One of the fans Darby Dennis (@Darbysdays) is traveling on the road going to 14 stops on the tour.

What makes you the ultimate super fan? How did you first discover Coast Modern?

“This is the first show of the tour that I’m going to.” She said, “I’m gonna go to fourteen of their shows so I’m flying by myself and kind of following them around. It feels very rewarding, and I’m very blessed that I can follow the band, because I know a lot of people want to do that but I worked all summer and now I’m here.”She continues to say, “I’m from Kentucky, I flew out here to Denver and I’ll be sleeping in airports and taking buses but it’ll be worth it. This is my eighth show seeing them, and I discovered them when they first opened up for the Wombats, I’ve been a fan ever since.”

The hometown return of Coleman Trapp and band mate Luke Atlas from Coast Modern, was a success filled with Love, positivity, magic, and uplifting vibes.

Make sure to catch them when they come to a city near you! Get your tickets now!

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