003 Session Bombay Bicycle Club The National Billie Ellish

Welcome to Indie Radio Sessions on Met Radio. This week in 003 session Bombay Bicycle Club The National Billie Ellish are featured. We started this

week’s 003 session with Bombay Bicycle Club, unfortunately after years of touring this band is

splitting an American Indie group. They’ve been playing since 1999 and were nominated for Best

Alternative Album of the year at the 56th Grammy Awards.


Billie Ellish is a new and up and coming pop singer. Her most popular song is Bellyache. She is from

Los Angeles. Her music definitely has that pop vibe to it, her music has been remixed by Marian Hill

and other artists. Her brother Finneas is her songwriter and her producer. Nice little family duo. Her

song Bored was featured in 13 Reasons Why. Dawn Golden is a solo electronic producer and

songwriter. He caught Diplos attention and that is where he caught his big break.



Method Man or Clifford Smith is a member of the East Coast Hip-Hop collective Wu-Tang Clan. He is

also an actor. He got his stage name from the film Method Man. Lemiatre is a Norwegian an Indie

Electronic duo. The project name Lemaitre is named after a Belgian priest of first proposed the big bang

theory that is now called Hubble’s Law. Also, in French Lemaitre means “master” which at the time the

duo did not know. Parov Stelar is a combo of Jazz, House, and Breakbeat. He is known for pioneering

Electro Swing. He made his first appearance in the late 1990’s and has worked with Lady Gaga, Lana

Del Rey, and more.


The creative Mac Lethal. He was just in Denver at the Marquis Theater on September 13th and I’m

sure it was a killer show. He is a radio host at KRBZ 96.5 the buzz show. Mac seems super creative, he

has his own TV show on MTV2, started a Tumblr feed, and created a book from that feed. Hippie

Sabotage mainly records their own beats and then mixes them with artists like rappers, but have also

worked with Ellie Goulding and Tove Lo.  Dreamy and heavy bass only come from Tim Legend. He is

best known for his single “hope.” Last, but definitely not least is Ben Howard. He has self-released a few

of his albums, but then was signed later on in his career. Now, he is in a band called Blaze of a Feather.




Bombay Bicycle Club: Always like this

The National: Bloodbuzz Ohio

Billie Ellish: idontwannabeyouanymore

Dawn Golden: Last Train

Method Man: Say

Lemiatre: Not Too Late

Parove Stelar: Booty Swing

Mac Lethal: Know It All

Hippie Sabotage: Options

Tim Legend: Hope

Ben Howard: Oats In The Water






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