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Welcome to episode 25 of The Shaky Experience “Don Chicharron Interview”. Your host James Richard Lane speaks volume with Aldo Pantoja and Nathan Fulton of Don Chicharron. The band was formed in Denver in 2015 by Aldo Pantoja. The group later on expanded their horizon by adding more members to become a 9 piece. The band describes their sound as jungle dance music with a Peruvian psychedelic influence. The group is planning on recording their debut album next summer and setting up for a potential tour. Don Chicharron played The Underground Music Showcase this year and has been featured on websites including Westword, 303 Magazine, and more.

Aldo Pantoja and Nathan Fulton met at the University of Colorado. After graduating with their degrees in fine art’s the duo wanted to put their knowledge to work. The two of them as well as 8 other friends relocated to Baltimore, Maryland to start Single Carrot Theater. The theater is a production company that puts on local performances at affordable rates in the city of Baltimore. Single Carrot Theater established in 2006 and has produced 43 productions on main stages. The company has collaborated with a variety of actors and artists throughout the world. After many years of operating the theater Aldo and Nathan moved back to Denver to pursue new careers and start their band Don Chicharron. The Theater continues to feature productions under a new ensemble of members.  Single Carrot Theater has won many awards and has been featured in lots of media sources including The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and Baltimore Magazine.

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Episode 25 (12/1/17) Don Chicharron
1. Don Chicharoon – Marcianito
2. Los Wembler Del Lquitos – Lamento Del Yacuruna

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One Response to "The Shaky Experience – Don Chicharron"

  1. Alfonso Pantoja  December 3, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    Great interview and music.
    As I was listenig the songs of Don Chicharron and Los Wembles, I could not stop imagining one of my first trips into the Amazon jungle of Peru. Being there is
    Ike you are in a different planet, you are navegating in a boat in the middle of the a river that you never imagine can hold so much water, and you hear those sounds of nature, the birds, the flow of the river, Everyday you stop at a small town, and it does not matter what time of the day is it, the whole city wakes up, the chicha music is played through large speakers, and the visitor from the boat are welcomed into town.
    It is for me hard to believe, that these boys have captured the soul of the musical from the indigenosu people from that part of the world. Congratulations


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