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Colorado has a plethora of amazing local theatre companies performing some of the best show in the state. We are graced each year with a myriad of shows, one being the cult classic “Forever Plaid” now at the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse in Johnstown.

This oldie show gives a fictional men’s quartet, The Plaids, a second chance to perform their first show after they were killed in a car accident. The plaids are everything you could want out of a ’50s guys group: They’re cheeky, they’re classy, and they’re cute. This four man show – yes, only four actors in the entire show – mixes classic ’50s and ’60s music with some humor and presents it to audiences in a fun way.

“I think it’s different because we all share a larger portion of the same amount of responsibility as you would for another show,” said Stephan Turner, who plays the character Smudge.  “It would be a mistake to assume that it’s a like a jukebox musical.”

Although the band does die before their performance and end up performing the entire show from the after life, that certainly does not slow them down.The group members embrace the fact that they are deceased and play off of it, making jokes and gags about it through the show.

“It’s certainly a musical comedy, but you have quite the undertone of sadness because of the whole death part,” cast member Mikeal Macbeth said. Even [for] people who don’t like musicals. I have had several, several friends and family see it.”

Even though this show makes older audiences swoon with enjoyment, it is still able to reach across the generational isle and make younger audiences laugh.

“It’s interesting because of modern audiences laugh at certain things that you know older audiences don’t laugh at,” cast member Jon Heath said.

Although audiences may not be extremely familiar with the show or the music, the level of quality and professionalism that the Candlelight brings to all of its production is still superb. The music sounds great, the set design is simple yet perfect and the costumes are, of course, plaid. But could you expect anything less from a director like Matt LaFontaine?

If you are a fan of the oldies station, men groups, or the pattern plaid, you are sure to enjoy this fun musical.  

‘Forever Plaid’ is now playing at the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse, for tickets call 970-744-3747.

Author: Avery Anderson

Avery Anderson is the general manager of Met TV. He hosts “The Nightly Met,” an entertainment show that highlights local art and culture. He loves the theater and all art and is an advocate for local theater companies through his many stories. He also enjoys gardening and being outside.
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