“Disenchanted” Princesses in Boulder

It is amazing how art is able to take something traditional, like a Disney princess, open it up, look inside, expose its insecurities and create something out of it that is breathtaking . “DISENCHANTED!” at the BDT Stage does just that.


“DISENCHANTED!” features the grown up versions of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and many other classic Disney princesses.


“Take all of your classic Disney princesses that every person grows up loving and you look into their life several years later down the road and seeing what happily ever after actually means and it’s not so actually happily ever after,” said Alicia K. Meyers, director of the show.


This hit comedy exposes topics within the princess realm such as being the damsel in distress, not eating, being drawn curvaceously and being marginalized. This is not an easy show to pull off as the entire production relies on the use of their comedy and timing, but that is no issue for this fierce and ferocious group of females. They all work together to create laughter that feels and seems so endlessly funny you will be laughing the entire time.


The cast of “DISENCHANTED!” Photo: Glenn Ross Photography

The queen of Colorado comedy theater herself, Annie Dwyer steals the show as Sleeping Beauty. Her quick witted and audience engaging style of humor will keep you waiting for every line and provide some nice memories of her days from Heritage Square Music Hall.


“They allow me to get to go and be Annie, and you know just sorta balls to the wall, I guess!” said Dwyer.


Part of the magic is the chemistry that these six powerful women have together. They were made to be on the stage with one another. “I think that as a core group the six of us that Allie has brought together are amazingly talented women,” said Dwyer.


“The question I get the most from patrons is, ‘Is it as much fun on stage as it is from our perspective?’ And yes it is even more fun than what you see. Cause you don’t see us behind the stage, you don’t see us between breaks. It is so much fun,” said Marijune Scott (Hau Mulan/ Pocahontas/ Jasmine).


“If it’s not you, you see yourself up on that stage, there’s someone in your life who you know relates to one of these characters and relates to something they’re struggling with and that’s what makes this show work,” said Anna Higg (The Princess Who Kissed the Frog).


The message of accepting yourself and being perfect the way that you are is a main part of the show. Throughout the musical audiences are reminded that each and every person is perfect in their own way, even princess who might have left themselves go.


Even though this show features all of your favorite Disney princess this production is NOT for kids! The adults themes and language will make you roll over, but are certainly for adult eyes and ears only.


If you ever doubted that a group of women could achieve something, magical, breathtaking and have fun along the way then let “DISENCHANTED!” put that idea to rest once and for all.

The cast of “DISENCHANTED!” Photo: Glenn Ross Photography




“DISENCHANTED!” *** (out of four stars)

This hilarious and powerful musical is now playing at BDT Stage 5501 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, 80303. Directed by Alicia K. Meyer. Starring Annie Dwyer, Anna High, Jessica Hindsley, Alicia K. Meyers, Maijune Scott, and Tracy Warren. Through May 6th. For tickets visit bdtstage.com.


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Author: Avery Anderson

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