Bonnie and Clyde Have Come to Colorado

Bonnie and Clyde is a rip roaring, high energy, down right fun time at the theatre. The Townhall Arts Center has yet another hot on their hands with this amazing production,


The show follows the world’s greatest bank robbers as they grow up, grow in their relationship and grow in life.


The fantastic production features amazing music and lyrics and a truly breathtaking scenic design. The use of projection mixed with an old timey feel creates a memorable scene.


Ellen Kaye portrays a strong and fierce but still sympathetic Bonnie Parker, while Tim Howard commands the stage as Clyde Barrow. The pair together is a match made in heaven. They portray a fun and dangerous Bonnie and Clyde while still bring forward their human side.


Bonnie and Clyde is only playing through March 19th at the Town Hall Arts Center for tickets call 303-794-2787

Author: Avery Anderson

Avery Anderson is the general manager of Met TV. He hosts “The Nightly Met,” an entertainment show that highlights local art and culture. He loves the theater and all art and is an advocate for local theater companies through his many stories. He also enjoys gardening and being outside.
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