The Metropolitan

metropolitan 2Who we are
The Metropolitan is MSU Denver’s student-run newspaper. It’s produced by and for the students of Metropolitan State University of Denver and has served Auraria since 1979. Supported by advertising revenue and student fees, The Metropolitan is distributed at more than 60 locations every Thursday during the academic year and monthly during the summer semester.

Frigid Fundraiser

Expressions of shock appeared on the faces of the bikini-clad sorority sisters. They let out shrieks and squeals as the icy water — like pins and needles — pierced their skin and penetrated their bones. Less than 20 seconds later, they frantically ran out of the reservoir, grabbed their towels, briefly posed for pictures, then dashed to the hot tub.

The Kingston Trio: old folkies never die

After humble beginnings in 1957 San Francisco, decades of personnel changes and hundreds of songs, The Kingston Trio’s musical concept is still thriving. George Grove, Bill Zorn and Rick Dougherty define the current lineup of the trio and they do so in tribute. Each new member sets the original group’s legacy in stone, while providing the next generation with a conduit to the past while entertaining loyal fans.

Alkaline Trio – This Addiction

Before Alkaline Trio releases a new CD, they always say this album will be a return to their original, raw, more punk form. But once you’ve seen the mountains of heavy production, it’s hard to go back to the hills.