Venezuela: Socialist paradise

What a busy few months in politics. I was preparing to write a column about President Obama’s State of the Union address, the loss of the Massachusetts senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for over 40 years to a conservative Republican and what will become of President Obama continuing to pursue the agenda that has […]

“I never forgot”

It’s easy to romanticize Haiti; I saw a boy no older than 12 years old get a nasty pig bite stitched up without anesthetic and he made no sound. Children swarmed around us, smiling and caressing our light skin and foreign hair and they seemed so happy and curious.

A streetcar named ‘Who dat?’

I found myself Sunday afternoon, heading out of my New Orleans apartment to join the crowds headed downtown for the NFC Championship game between the Saints and the Vikings. Even waiting for a streetcar, the rabid excitement that had a hold on the city was infectious. Two streetcars passed me by, too full of people to fit the five or six of us waiting at our stop.