Film lacks plot, characters lack depth

It is a well-known fact, as of now, Martin Scorsese’s film “The Departed” has the top spot for gritty hardcore police films. But since 2006 Antoine Fuqua has been working on his next real cop movie that should blow the audiences socks off. The problem is “The Departed” had so much depth and more than enough character to go around, and “Brooklyn’s Finest” just does not deliver.

Teens find outlet for self expression

The device is cylindrical in shape and appears to have gills. On first inspection, one is at a loss as to what the function of the strange contraption is. It looks as though it could be some type of vacuum or generator, but the language on the box is completely foreign, leaving one to speculate. There are others as well, each one more mysterious than the last.

ShareThis gives content a big boost

You’ve probably seen its little green icon online — the one with the white “less-than” anchor-like symbol — sitting idly next to blog posts, news stories and other popular content all over the Web. It’s the ShareThis icon, and many users rely on this service to share content on popular social media sites and e-mail channels.