Civil rights slideshow

Since 1976, the month of February has been dedicated to black history and remembering all the events and people who contributed. For Akbarali Thobhani, Metro’s interim chair for the department of African and African-American studies and the executive director of the Office of International Studies, Black History Month is an “everyday affair.”

Book maps earth, early world views

Cartography is the study and practice of map making. It involves molding the reality to communicate spatial information effectively. Imagine a time when beyond what was known to man were those of monsters, demons and half-men-half-beasts who lived waiting to eat the flesh of helpless wayfarers or invaders.

Minoring in Angeletti

Charles Angeletti, one of Metro’s longest -tenured and well-known professors, meets students in an eclectic office lined with books, blues music posters and bumper stickers. Some come asking for letters of recommendation. Others ask for help in registering for his already full classes. Still others simply sit and listen.

Let them create, have their cake too

Lifetime stuff-collector Andrew Novick and pop-art designer Samuel Schimek collaborated for an exhibition they are calling “Super-Relative.” Novick — known for his expansive collections of lunch boxes, ticket stubs, dentures and just about everything else — and Schimek sat down to talk about cake, repurposed materials and Denver’s art community.

Taming the New Year

Bursts of red and white flashed as women gracefully danced with paper fans. Men waved red strips of faux-silk material. Children pranced in with red, paper lanterns. Elders swinging their arms to the music joined, forming four generations of Chinese and Chinese-American dancers.

Cold, hard imagination

It all started with the seemingly insignificant flip of a coin.

It was the late 1970s and Breckenridge resident Rob Neyland was in a debate with some co-workers trying to decide whether to create a float for the town’s annual Ullr Festival parade or carve a snow sculpture for the local competition. The coin landed heads and chose the sculpture.